2019 Social Media Marketing Review

With 2019 coming to an end, we’re looking back at the year in social media marketing.

The past year saw a lot of changes to social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more.

These social media trends might have affected your marketing in 2019 — and could sway your plan for 2020.

Here are the major milestones you need to know about:

  1. Google+ Shut Down

Google+, Google’s social media platform, shut down in April of 2019 due in part to “low usage.”

While this likely didn’t affect many social networks, if you relied on Google+ as a form of SEO link-building, you might be one platform short.

  1. New Facebook Privacy Policies

Facebook came under scrutiny in 2019 for its data handling procedures. As a result, the platform (and several others) have shored up their privacy policies, security, and transparency.

This has played out in several ways. For example, on Facebook users can now see exactly why they were targeted by a Facebook Ad by clicking “Why am I seeing this?”

Facebook users can also see all active ads a page is running in the ad library. This can be useful for consumers or for seeing a competitor’s ad strategy.

  1. Facebook and Instagram Algorithm Changes

Along with privacy and transparency changes, we have also seen some social media algorithm changes in 2019. Specifically, Facebook is prioritizing posts from close friends and relatives, or pages and groups that you interact with frequently (through commenting, liking posts, clicking on links, and so on).

Video reach is also affected by loyalty and intent, a watching duration of more than one minute, and originality.

The challenge with algorithm updates like this is that it can make it harder to reach new fans without running social pay-per-click ads. You might have also seen a drop in organic reach if you have fans who have liked your page but aren’t necessarily interacting with it.

  1. Rise of Stories

Across the board, ephemeral content (content that doesn’t last, or is temporary) is still incredibly popular — like Instagram Stories.

Stories offer another way to interact with fans. They are normally less polished than regular posts and are a great way to share more behind-the-scenes content with followers.

On Instagram, some businesses have found that posting more Stories has boosted the organic reach of their regular posts, too. It’s not clear whether this is because of the Instagram algorithm favouring accounts that use Stories or because more fans are interacting with Stories — thus boosting engagement. Either way, Stories are well worth a try.

Stories aren’t just on Instagram, either. You can also find them on Facebook and Snapchat.

  1. LinkedIn Social Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In 2019, LinkedIn improved its advertising targeting, including adding in lookalike audiences, interest targeting, and audience templates.

Along with a good organic LinkedIn plan, these tactics can help boost reach and find new connections.

In 2019, LinkedIn also emphasized posts that spark discussion vs. sharing and likes. Like Facebook, they also prioritize posts from people they think the user knows and topics they think the user cares about.

  1. More eCommerce Options

Instagram and Pinterest both made it easier for users to shop on social media in 2019.

For instance, Pinterest brands can upload their full catalogue and turn products into shoppable Pins.

On Instagram, some brands were given the option of in-app checkouts and more options were given for having shoppable posts.

Has your social media marketing grown in 2019 — or has it stalled? If you’re struggling with algorithm changes, privacy policies, or just want to create a strategy that aligns with social media trends, we can help.

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