Quickly Increase Lead Volume, Lead Quality and Accelerate Sales

Pulsion aligns your sales and marketing teams, technology and data, rapidly leading to exponential improvements in efficiency and profitability.

We support everything: strategy, planning, oversight, sales and marketing enablement alignment, analytics, technology and beyond.

Ready for Results?

We are leaderships most valuable asset.

We apply proven methodology to identify and address breaks between marketing and sales that are often the reason sales teams don’t meet their objectives.

We leverage data-driven marketing and sales enablement techniques that focus on digital marketing and revenue generation (lead volume), precision targeting and lead scoring (lead quality), and onboarding (lead handling). Through  DMS, technology, data and analytics allow you to make quick and expeditious strides toward aggressive improvements. We’re CRO’s best weapon.

Meet your objectives? Go one step better: Smash them.

We’re Unique

  • Multi-Dimensional: We aren’t linear. While we have profound expertise in digital marketing, and a robust background in sales and technology.
  • Vision-Focused: We don’t just offer services as commodities. We’re goal-driven. We look at your organization holistically and provide customized recommendations to achieve goals within established timelines.
  • Technology Driven: Scaling your sales team doesn’t need to mean adding more resources. We help you maximize what you already have, find efficiencies, and leverage technology and automation to scale without the need to expand your team.
  • Fearless Competitors: We thoroughly research the competition and assist you in fiercely competing on search engines and social platforms. We also help facilitate a faster and more expeditious onboarding process.
  • Unparalleled Service and Support: You won’t find a team that’s more attentive, aligned, supportive and willing to go the extra mile to see you smash your sales and marketing goals.

Want this kind of growth?

A Sales and Marketing
Blueprint for Leadership

DMS is our unique mechanism for this sales and marketing blueprint that delivers predictable and sustainable growth. We can help you modernize and scale up in five simple steps.



We help you identify the true sources of pain that are holding back your sales growth. Does your pipeline reflect the level of prospects you want to be targeting? Is the customers journey seamless? Is it easy for your customer to onboard? Are your closing rates where they need to be? Is sales and marketing aligned?



Evaluate current targeting through an audit and assessment of your sales and marketing data, digital marketing, and other lead channels; examine lead volume, sources, quality, closing rates, win-backs, all supporting technology, etc.



Now that the areas for improvement have been identified its time to optimize using a combination of process, technology and automation.



Our team supports you every step of the way, from digital marketing to technology to sales to final data analysis.



Measure results, tweak, improve, thrive.

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What We Do


We build highly optimized and customized WordPress sites. Our landing pages are designed to ensure that your site, along with its supporting technology stack, is positioned well to deliver outstanding user experiences and high conversion rates.



We support your marketing team’s social media efforts by offering services, such as optimized content (for both search and social), posting, monitoring, moderation, and/or reporting and assistance with analytics.



Build a massive social rolodex and ensure every relationship is cultivated and nurtured within robust social communities using our proprietary methodology and resources.



Accelerate sales by filling your CRM with highly qualified prospects, MQL’s and SQL’s that sales can act on. Learn more about:

  • CRM BUILDER LISTS – high value prospect lists
  • TOP 100 LISTS – includes the company, decision maker, what service they are interested in, how interested they are and they will have engaged with your brand.



When done correctly, SEO drives more organic (unpaid) traffic to your site. Through continuous analysis, we rank your website for words that people search for, giving you an edge over competitors. This includes both on-page and off-page SEO.



Google AdWords (now called Google Ads) boosts your visibility to potential customers actively searching for what you offer. You require a service that handles PPC remarketing, performance max campaigns and more while offering sales pipeline hygiene.



We create extremely effective digital content. We offer the right combination of communication expertise and optimization (search and SEO) to ensure that your content achieves maximum results. This includes social post content, blog content, web content, eBook content, email content and more.



Automated email helps sales and marketing by providing faster service, nurturing every lead, without available human resources and regardless of the prospect’s stage in the funnel.

We provide fully supported automated email marketing from technology to mapping workflows, content, integration and reporting.



Achieve powerful coverage on social sites via paid ads (Social PPC). You can create powerful influence and generate conversions at a fraction of the cost of other mediums that are search driven.

Our service ensures your ad spend goes further and translates into conversions at the most competitive cost of acquisition.



We work with a complete range of technology solutions (CRM, CMS, automated email marketing platforms, analytics platforms and more).

We can help you ensure you have the best technology stack for analyzing your data, while also delivering actionable insights.



Our team is certified in HubSpot MarketingHub (email automation platform), HubSpot SalesHub (CRM) and we are also a HubSpot Solutions Provider.

We will work with you to develop the best plan, strategize workflows, support implementation, manage content, integrate with web assets, perform data cleansing and much more.


High Value Sales Prospect Lists

Accelerate sales by filling your CRM with highly qualified prospects, MQL’s and SQL’s that sales can act on. Learn more about:

  • CRM BUILDER LISTS – high value prospect lists
  • TOP 100 LISTS – includes the company, decision maker, what service they are interested in, how interested they are and they will have engaged with your brand.

How does $16.00 per hour sound? If you require 120+ hours per month in database management/data entry, administration is facilitated as low as $16.00 per hour.

Database management is the reason behind accessible, valuable and accurate business data.

We administer, assess and help you make actionable decisions based on what the data tells us.



When your goal is to drive better sales results and achieve business objectives, a sales performance management service can help you optimize your sales processes.

This leads your team to generate more sales by maintaining accurate, organized and KPI-aligned data.



Accurate data entry ensures that online information remains in sync with real-time business operations data. With us, you’ll not only lower your data entry and administration costs but also gain access to the most accurate data available, enabling you to make well-informed and strategic decisions.

We have experience working with a wide range of applications and can help you overcome your data entry challenges, painlessly.

If you require 120+ hours of data entry work each month, we can support you as low as $16.00 per hour.

If you require 120+ hours of data entry work each month, our support is available for as low as $16.00 per hour.



Using data, businesses can identify trends, customer preferences and operational bottlenecks.

The effective approach begins by aligning technology and analytics, followed by data extraction and KPI-based evaluation, which helps uncover underperforming areas early on.



Aligning your technology stack to your lead sources (e.g. your website) is critical.

We work to help you choose the right technology or integrate your existing technology into your digital assets. This ensures that you extract and analyze the critical data necessary to identify changes and accelerate your overall results.


Our Results

Company Increases MRR Substantially Through CRM Clean-Up and Prospect List Management

CRO Sky Rocket’s Sales Through Changing Approach to Sales

CRO Attends Conference with Five Major Intros Lined Up by Pulsion and Lands Quarter Million Dollar Opportunity

A B2B Digital Strategy to Target Referral Business

A New Program to Help Legal Team Understand a Clients True Financial Profile/Capacity

Assisted a European Brand to Enter the Canadian Market Place Through a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Assisted National Insurance Company to Increase Digital Lead Generation

Digital Marketing Strategy That Boosted Toronto Tech Companies Sales

150% Sales Growth After Sealing the Data Gaps and Troubleshooting Sales Challenges

What Our Clients Think

Analytics played a huge role and integrating the right technology to be able to measure our results…

We made a considerable investment in gaining a better understanding of our customers to overhaul our website and all associated digital marketing to be consistent with better overall user experiences. Analytics played a huge role and integrating the right technology to be able to measure our results was a critical component of our project. Pulsion was amazing. They worked with us every step of the way to ensure that every element of our project was deployed with precision.

International Technology Company

Automated email marketing was the right way to go for our lead nurturing.

Automated email marketing was the right way to go for our lead nurturing. We developed a new mobile app for real estate sales professionals and needed to introduce it to tens of thousands of them quickly. Speed to market was crucial. Automated email marketing solved these challenges. Pulsion assisted us with every aspect, from selecting a platform to planning, organizing our lists and content and integrating it all. They are a really great team.

National Technology Firm

B2B campaign tracking.

Pulsion developed a B2B strategy to target professional referral businesses and an analytics infrastructure to track campaign results both at the micro and macro levels. This has made us more agile and able to shift our campaign in the direction that works.

National Mortgage Investment Corporation

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