Geotargeting Strategy and Data-Driven Analytics Led to Significant Visibility Across Various Canadian Provinces

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Our client is a prominent technology firm in Ontario. Quite recently, our client expanded their operations across multiple provinces in Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Now, they needed our expertise to improve their sales efficiently, identify process deficiencies and leverage insights to improve their messaging in alignment with their new expansion. 




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Geotargeting strategy case study

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to optimize its sales process and pinpoint problems that were affecting their growth. As part of their expansion strategy, they were also looking to establish a stronger online visibility. This would mean finding the right keywords and creating strategies based on pre-analytics.

The Plan

We first started by conducting data analysis and finding deficiencies in the sales process. This included analyzing customer demographics and geospatial data to understand customer patterns and behaviours. 

Afterwards, we conducted a market analysis and identified targeted keywords with high potential. This laid the foundation for a targeted geostrategy that would increase our client’s visibility in the Canadian provinces. 

Using our data-driven findings, we developed landing pages depending on the unique needs of the audience across different provinces. Our aim was to improve user engagement and increase conversion rates. 

To further boost our client’s online presence and attract a more relevant audience, we did guest blogging on relevant websites, especially those related to HR. This not only increased our client’s online presence but also drove high-quality traffic to their platform.

Improvement in SQL Quality
Increase in Overall Sales

The Results

Our geostrategy expansion, paired with data analysis and analytics, has resulted in increased visibility across various Canadian cities and provinces. This, in turn, led to an 88% improvement in SQL quality and a 40% increase in overall sales within a mere six-month period.

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