Assisted a European Brand to Enter the Canadian Market Place Through a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

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We provided consultation services to our client’s parent company, a Swedish retail merchandising company. Their goal was to enter the Canadian market, but had little to no knowledge about this transition. After understanding their goals, we worked closely with them to launch and promote their brand in Canada. This included everything from brand placement to presence building. 


Europe and Canada


International Retail Merchandising Company

The Opportunity

Our client’s parent company wanted to launch operations in Canada, but they had little to no knowledge of the Canadian marketplace and how to engage with the Canadian audience.

Based on our client’s goals, we started researching their industry to gain a better understanding of their target audience, scope and opportunities in Canada. This research helped identify the key touchpoints in the conversion process.

Working closely, we helped our client build a strong brand presence and strategic product offerings. We created digital marketing strategies, including PPC marketing, digital content creation, WordPress website design and social media marketing management. These initiatives were designed to attract and engage potential leads as well as drive conversions.

The Plan

Since our client was new in the Canadian market, initially, we provided them with a complete marketing strategy. This helped them establish a strong foothold and start nurturing a loyal audience. 

Much of our digital marketing efforts centred around PPC advertising and social media presence. This allowed us to engage and understand the buyer persona throughout every step of their customer journey. On top of that, we implemented a LinkedIn social program, and our focus was to build B2B relationships with industry professionals.

Over the years, we also developed two custom WordPress websites. These websites were made with specific goals in mind, such as improving search engine rankings, customer retention and overall user experience. We made sure the websites were user-friendly and compliant through AB testing. 

Connections in CEO's Network From Social Selling
Largest Deal Acquired Through Efforts
1-Million Dollars
Number of New Connections Monthly
Increase in Conversion Rate

The Results

Through our social selling efforts, the CEO’s network grew over 5,000 connections in just a few months. Not just this, but our client was able to create a strong brand presence among their buyer persona, and people started to recognize that brand. This led to a 40% increase in the conversion rate and a consistent acquisition of 200 new connections each month.

Through our digital marketing efforts, our client secured several major clients with some contracts valuing up to 1 million dollars. eOne Entertainment, Pepsi and Microsoft are only among some of them. 

Having established a long-term relationship with our client, we continue to provide them with digital marketing support as they continue to grow in the Canadian marketplace.


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