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Our social media supports everything: branding, lead generation, acquisition, retention/loyalty, usage and more. We provide unparalleled support whether you require strategy, content, optimization, posting, monitoring, moderation, and/or analytics and reporting.

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Does Every Business Need Social Media? 100% Yes

Different businesses place different priorities on their social media. Some businesses leverage social media to support brand authority, while others use it as a necessary tool to generate leads. Where do we come in? Depending on your social media engagement strategy, you will need content creation, content optimization and strategic content sharing.

Many marketing teams choose to outsource these tasks due to the resource-intensive nature of social media management. Outsourcing them to a team like us will free up your internal team to focus on your core competencies, which, in turn, improve productivity. Side by side, we will scale social media efforts as your business grows, ​​ensuring that your investment in social media delivers direct and impactful results.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Social Media Marketing Management? One Way is by Setting Goals

If social media isn’t your primary lead-generation channel, you can post regular updates with valuable, trustworthy and authoritative content. However, if you aim to generate more leads, simply posting content won’t be sufficient. You’ll need to take additional steps to drive those desired leads.

We specialize in goal-driven strategies. No matter the audience, product or solution, we can help you develop and manage your organization’s social media solutions with specific goals in mind.

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What We Do


Social media marketing management includes complete oversight of your social media platforms, including:

We create personalized programs that cater to your business’s specific requirements, including the desired content volume, the number of platforms for posting, the frequency of monitoring and the moderation of your account activity.

We offer you a dedicated “Account Manager” and a competitive fixed-fee pricing based on your business needs.


Curating outstanding digital content requires the perfect blend of ingredients. We’ve got just what it takes: a properly educated and experienced writer + trained in social media + trained in SEO + trained in PR.

We provide all content, including:


  • Content subject matter
  • Curated content
  • SEO
  • Social tags
  • Influencers

Content Optimization:

  • Search engines
  • Social media and external communities

Content Formatted and Reformatted According to the Platform and Audience:

We create a wide range of digital content for social media, including:

  • Blogs
  • Posts
  • Content for social media graphics
  • Press releases
  • White papers and eBooks
  • Messaging and more

When customizing your program, we assist you in determining the amount of content needed to leave a lasting impact on social media. We can work with you to produce new content from scratch or assist you with your existing content. In any case, we are here to support you with all of your social media needs.


We excel in B2C and B2B social media lead generation, supporting branded, localized and geotargeted campaigns.

Rather than spreading too thin across multiple platforms, we help you focus on the platforms where your prospects are most active. This approach allows you to focus on your digital community and provide valuable experiences to your audience. More than that, our campaigns provide the perfect content mix, ensuring that prospects are not overwhelmed by promotions or blog-centric content.

Our strong emphasis is on analyzing your results to continuously optimize campaigns for maximum effectiveness. We help you establish clear and achievable goals, create action plans and provide essential assets for success.


We don’t just post our content and put our hands up — we monitor it, too. Our services include responding to comments, engaging in discussions, exchanging ideas and providing regular reports on the results.

Our “Account Manager” monitors your account engagements as needed. Regardless of your campaign’s frequency, our account manager is always accessible for any questions or assistance you may need. You can reach out conveniently via email, phone or Zoom whenever you have questions or need assistance.


Analytics, assessment and optimization act as a magnifying glass, enabling us to zoom in on your social media performance at the:

  • Profile Level: we look at how profiles perform — followers, profile shares, engagement, etc.
  • Campaign Level: we evaluate individual campaign performance – views/impressions, clicks, engagement, CTRs, conversions, cost of acquisition, etc.
  • Content Level: we evaluate how individual content performed – views, impressions and engagement.

We use a combination of analytics, including internal tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot Analytics, built-in analytics offered by various social media platforms and more.

Our Results

Social Media Marketing Led a Law Firm to Move from Posts to Page One on Google Search Rankings

Leveraged Social Media Strategies Right from the Start for Increased Visibility, Growth and Conversions

Calculated LinkedIn Marketing Initiatives Boosted Performance During the Holiday Season Rush

MedTech Company Established Brand Presence in Canada as a Result of Our Tailored Content Strategy

Want this kind of growth?

Social Media Marketing FAQs

4.7 billion people use social media every day. This makes it an ideal place to drive additional business revenue.

By leveraging your audience’s interests, creating effective strategies and establishing meaningful connections through tailored content, you can significantly boost your visibility. To reap all the benefits social media has to offer, you need to maintain a consistent posting schedule and ensure that your audience remains informed and connected with your brand.

We are here to assist you in implementing these strategies to maximize your social media impact.

There could be several reasons why you are unable to increase your social media followers despite producing lots of content. Here are some possible factors to consider:

  • Lack of Promotion: You may be sharing content only on owned platforms with no existing following, limiting its reach.
  • Ineffective Content Mix: If you only share company/branded or promotional content, it may come across as spammy and lack value for users.
  • Frequency Imbalance: Over-posting or running redundant ads can lead to user fatigue and loss of followers.
  • Inconsistent Posting: An irregular or infrequent posting may cause your brand to slip out of the minds of potential followers.
  • Limited use of Hashtags and Mentions: Utilizing irrelevant hashtags and mentions can expose your content to wider audiences and influencers.

To excel in social media marketing, we can assist you in diversifying your content, maintaining regular communication with your audience and understanding their unique needs.

Contact us today, and let us show you how you can achieve your social media goals in less time.

Yes, people do read social media blogs. About 80% of internet users regularly read blogs covering different topics, and approximately 70% of consumers believe that having a blog on a website adds credibility. Think of it this way: Sharing information allows followers to stay connected with your brand, its innovations and advancements.

Learn more about our content services.

Choosing professional social media management over in-house handling is a personal choice.

Achieving a highly effective social media presence will involve a strong marketing strategy, well-crafted communication materials, engaging graphics and optimization for search and social, depending on your specific strategy.

Smaller to mid-sized marketing teams often lack all the in-house resources necessary to excel in these areas. They may do their best with the resources at hand, sometimes at the expense of the brand’s quality, or they may choose to outsource some or all of their activities to agencies like ours. This frees the in-house team from time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on core activities.

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