Calculated LinkedIn Marketing Initiatives Boosted Performance During the Holiday Season Rush

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Our client is a well-known retail merchandising firm. Our client’s success was heavily dependent on the holiday season, and they aimed to capitalize on this period to increase brand visibility and connect with potential customers. Since the holiday season was only a month away, we created a quick strategic approach centred around utilizing LinkedIn’s powerful platform for social selling and networking.




Retail Merchandising Firm

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to focus on LinkedIn for B2B networking and lead generation. We implemented a social selling strategy based on our client’s objectives to help them find potential leads and establish them as thought leaders in the field. 

The Plan

Our work started with researching on Linkedin. Within the client’s niche, we carefully identified and targeted influencers, decision-makers, and prospects. To interact and engage with prospects, we also developed a systematic lead nurturing strategy. 

We designed and executed strategic LinkedIn Ads to make sure the client’s brand reached the right audience at the right time. These ads were crafted in a manner that they perfectly aligned with the client’s thought leadership content. In order to manage and engage the LinkedIn audience, we also used discount offers, webinar promotions and video marketing materials. These materials were especially targeted to showcase our client’s expertise, services and latest industry insights. 

We also took a methodical approach to lead and connection management. Weekly lead messages were sent, and detailed reports were compiled, including first and last names, job titles, company names and the type of email (InMail or connection request). The reports also included information on whether the InMail or connection request was accepted, if meeting requests were sent and the outcome of these interactions. These insights helped us gain deep insights into our lead management efforts. 

Improvement in SQL Quality
Increase in Overall Sales

The Results

In just a few weeks, our client experienced a 40% increase in their sales. Our efforts produced a steady flow of quality leads, which led to an 88% improvement in SQL quality as well as repeated clients. 

On the other hand, our client’s thought leadership content gained industry recognition visible through likes, comments and shares on social media platforms.

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