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The only thing that separates spamming from genuine human network building is execution. To ensure it’s working correctly, we will help you create effective strategies for leveraging powerful B2B social networking sites such as LinkedIn.


Social Selling

Social Selling That Works

Simple InMail and messages are no longer enough. To stay ahead of social selling, you need a calculated strategy and a process that goes beyond basic communication. It’s about establishing new, genuine connections and referral relationships that lead to larger-sized deals.

Through our efforts, our clients have successfully landed contracts of up to 1 million dollars through our social selling efforts.

An Execution Strategy That Works

We place you in front of precisely targeted professional communities to build brand engagement, credibility and authority. Our goal involves guiding potential prospects from mere connections to valuable leads, all through a carefully orchestrated and time-tested conversion process. This means you’ll be seen by the exact audience you want to reach, right from day one.

Your strategy will be customized based on your specific target audience and may include options such as paid social ads alongside traditional social selling methods.

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What We Do


Our social selling program is highly geared to business-to-business (B2B), strongly focusing on leveraging LinkedIn. When we facilitate your social selling, we will take your place on LinkedIn and act through your profile. You will have a dedicated “Account Manager” who logs in weekly and shares approved content within the professional communities where your target audience resides. From there, we prospect, connect to, solicit and nurture those prospects.

When social selling is executed correctly, it doesn’t just generate leads; it also provides additional advantages:

  • Improves brand accessibility to the market
  • Ensures consistency in sales efforts, regardless of the workload of your sales team
  • Supports SEO by integrating optimized content into discussions (which we create for you)
  • Ensures all prospects are nurtured

On LinkedIn, social selling can be facilitated through a leadership profile. However, we also offer discounted rates to facilitate social selling on behalf of individual salespeople.


We will work with you to develop your target buyer persona, source and target groups where your buyer persona is likely to be based on specific industries, professions or the interests of professionals within those industries.

On your behalf, we actively participate in those professional communities. By consistently engaging in those communities, you gain recognition and establish yourself as a thought leader.

When the time comes to promote your solutions, webinars, events and connect with potential clients, your prospects will already be familiar with your identity, making the process much smoother.


We leverage sales navigator and InMail to send sales messaging. Rather than quantity, we focus on more natural/transparent techniques to create meaningful connections with the prospects.

This is because our strategy is not reliant on InMail; we consider it as an added advantage rather than the primary objective. Our strategy focuses more on organic community engagement and expanding our network.

Sending an InMail doesn’t always result in a direct connection, even if a prospect responds. Therefore, when we approach prospects organically, it leads to new connections who recognize your brand and are more likely to connect, even if they’re not ready to make a purchase immediately.

This approach helps your sales and marketing teams build a strong digital network of potential prospects. Even if they’re not in buying mode at this very moment, they become an integral part of your network. They receive your social updates, stay in the loop, and can be nurtured for future opportunities. Additionally, we offer lead nurturing programs on LinkedIn once your program gains traction.


Once we understand and grasp your buyer persona, we will establish specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) drawn from our experience. These KPIs can predict the number of new relationships and provide approximate sales forecasts based on your internal closure rates.

Through our program, you will have access to valuable information and data, enabling quick responses to engagement insights and learnings. This data will allow you to measure your progress, knowing precisely where you stand and where you’re heading. 

We provide each of our clients with a comprehensive ongoing report that includes details about the prospects contacted during the reporting period. This report includes their names, company names and often their email addresses, along with their current position in the “digital sales pipeline.” Many of our prospects import this data into their related CRMs and use additional methods to market to these fresh new prospects.

Depending on the frequency of your campaigns, you will receive regular updates highlighting prospects who have been prospected, engaged, converted and more. 

Additionally, you will receive an Excel sheet allowing you to leverage other tools such as Zoom or automated email marketing platforms like HubSpot for remarketing to prospects.

Our Results

CRO Attends Conference with Five Major Intros Lined Up by Pulsion and Lands Quarter Million Dollar Opportunity

Leveraged Social Media Strategies Right from the Start for Increased Visibility, Growth and Conversions

Calculated LinkedIn Marketing Initiatives Boosted Performance During the Holiday Season Rush

Mobile App Promotion Resulted in a 17.3% CTR and 18% App Downloads on LinkedIn

Want this kind of growth?

Social Selling FAQs

No, social selling is not limited to just sales functions. While it certainly supports sales efforts, it also supports brand visibility and search engine optimization (SEO).

The difference lies in approach and consistency.

While your salespeople may already be engaged in social selling on LinkedIn, their approaches and level of activity may vary. Typically, salespeople rely on LinkedIn or spam connection requests that can have negative results for your brand on social media platforms.

Alternatively, our personalized social selling program provides:

  • Consistent Methodology: A standardized process and objectives that remain consistent throughout.
  • Consistent Frequency: A structured approach that ensures solicitations are being made at the appropriate intervals and in a manner consistent with both LinkedIn guidelines and the expectations of the target buyer persona.
  • Consistent Volume: A fixed volume of sales and nurturing efforts, regardless of your sales team’s workload.

Implementing this program provides protection by setting boundaries on outbound solicitation activities that may appear spammy. It also grants you full visibility and control over the lead-generation process, your team’s overall results and success while safeguarding your brand’s reputation.

As our program involves direct outreach/solicitation, you can expect to see results quickly, usually within 2-3 months.

We generally create content; however, the process is consultative, so you can contribute as much or as little as you want to the content development process.

Through close collaboration with you, we identify and establish a content mix that aligns with your specific goals. We offer complete resources to create and format any required content according to your strategy. This content usually includes messaging, group content, post content, supporting blog/curated content and more.

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