Automated Email Marketing, Advanced Analytics and HubSpot CRM Integration Led to Incredible Success for A Canadian IT Company

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Our client is an international IT company and was aiming to improve its sales conversion and engagement rates. We helped them find a solution and created a strategy that would boost conversions and provide valuable insights into prospects’ interests and behaviour.




National IT Company

The Opportunity

Our client needed an effective, streamlined approach to nurture leads and identify highly interested prospects. Traditional email marketing efforts were unable to deliver the insights and results necessary to meet their objectives.

The Plan

We implemented an automated email marketing strategy that featured well-crafted email sequences. These sequences were designed to engage prospects at different stages of the sales funnel. We guided them towards conversion by tailoring content according to prospects’ needs and interests.

Further, we used Zoom lists and other advanced analytics tools to gain deeper insights into prospect behaviour and interest. These tools provided insights on engagement rates, click-through rates and email open rates. As a result, the sales team could pinpoint prospects who were showing a high level of interest.

To make conversion tracking even more efficient, we also incorporated HubSpot into the marketing workflow. With this integration’s help, we were able to monitor lead interactions and conversions as well as advanced conversion tracking.

Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Sales Qualified Leads
Social PPC Conversion Rate
Improvement in Data Quality

The Results

Automated email sequencing proved highly effective for nurturing leads and guiding them through the sales funnel. Our client witnessed a 48% increase in sales conversions, particularly after 3 or 4 emails where prospects engaged with the content and ultimately made the decision to convert. Additionally, there was a 96% improvement in data quality, a 22% increase in the social PPC conversion rate and a threefold rise in SQLs.



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