Automated Email Marketing (Inbound)

If your goal is to engage in inbound automated email marketing, you’ll need more than an ordinary email marketing agency. Whether you are looking to increase acquisition, support retention, build a brand or support your customers, we’re here to help you put a plan into action that shows quick results. 

Automated Email Marketing Management

Ensure That Every Lead is Nurtured at All Times

Automated email marketing is especially valuable for delivering targeted emails in busy sales environments. This automation helps streamline the lead nurturing process, ensuring that leads receive the attention they need without requiring manual intervention from the sales team.

Its true potential, however, is revealed when integrated with your CRM, analytics, conversion planning, website design and overall marketing strategy. This means that your email campaigns will become more than just isolated messages; they will become a dynamic and adaptive part of your overall marketing ecosystem.

Should You Outsource Your Email Marketing Needs?

To unlock the benefits of automated email marketing, consider outsourcing it to a company that:

  • Has partnered with a recognizable platform like HubSpot, bringing a deeper level of expertise in technology and other capabilities. 
  • Demonstrates proficiency in various platforms that support automated email marketing while giving you the freedom to choose from a range of options (Constant Contact, Mailchimp, ClickDimensions, etc.)
  • Has skilled communicators on their team who excel at creating impactful messages.
  • Understands conversion path mapping and apply it to email automation.
  • Assists you in refining campaigns to elevate them from good to great.

Many organizations view email campaigns as the task of an entry-level marketing assistant, unaware of the fact that their results could be far more impactful. By outsourcing your email automation, for example, to a company like Pulsion, your marketing team can concentrate on strategic direction and high-level content, free from the complexities of tactical deployment.

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What We Do


For the past 13 years, we’ve proudly served as a HubSpot partner, setting us apart from the competition. That being said, HubSpot is by far the easiest automated email platform to use, offering the most capabilities, including CRM.

Our expertise extends beyond just one platform — we actively deploy inbound automated marketing campaigns and leverage our extensive training and certification from the HubSpot Academy.

Rest assured that when overseeing and monitoring your automated campaigns, this experience will be smooth sailing.


Our team is also trained in ClickDimensions, Mailchimp and more. While some platforms share similarities, some are more user-friendly than others. If we haven’t listed the platform you work with here, we can support your automated email marketing regardless of the platform you use.

Our onboarding process includes a close examination of your current technology, customized training and seamless integration. As mentioned in the previous section, effective automated email results will be achieved through our methodology.


When you invest in an email marketing tool, you want to make the most out of it. Alternatively, if the tool limits the number of emails you can send, you may want to more strategic with your email.

At our agency, we go beyond the surface level. We help you evaluate all the ways email marketing can improve internal communication, generate leads, boost brand visibility, drive customer retention and a whole lot more.

Working alongside you, we will create a complete strategy that includes content and technology to support your initiatives. We will identify the assets needed to drive conversions, map out effective conversion paths, implement workflows and execute automations. We will also ensure that both your sales and marketing teams are equipped to mine those golden insights from the data and turn them into actionable insights.

Strategy is the pulsión that drives successful automated email marketing campaigns.


Our dedicated communications team is here to help you, whether it’s proofreading your content or creating engaging automated email content from scratch. We are also assist you in optimizing various aspects of your content, including subject lines, conversion points and overall inclusions.


Our dedicated communications team is ready to provide you with the support you need, whether it’s proofreading your content or creating engaging automated email content from scratch. We can also help you optimize various aspects of your content, including subject lines, conversion points and overall inclusions for maximum impact.

In addition, you’ll also benefit from our valuable expertise and practical insights that go beyond simple conversion metrics. This includes finding out how to extract important information from emails, formatting them for your target audience and objectives + more. 


Automated workflows offer a major benefit: The ability to nurture and convert leads without the need for human involvement. However, proper planning and preparation are important for a successful automation process. 

Our agency specializes in creating automation strategies for both offline and web-generated prospects. 

By strategically placing forms and tracking conversion points, we ensure that the right automated actions are triggered when a prospect converts. With our guidance, your automation efforts will be smooth, effective and also two steps ahead of the competition. 


Form configuration is important as it can directly affect your conversion rate, both positively and negatively. Several factors require careful consideration, such as:

  • Number of fields
  • Mandatory fields
  • Field placement
  • Overall form formatting
  • Design and wording of conversion points

With applications like HubSpot, creating a form just requires a few clicks. Configurations, however, can be modified to suit specific needs. 

Without the need for trial and error, we offer the expertise and proven insights to optimize your forms and yield the best possible outcomes.


In addition to form configuration, mapping forms, pages and their placement, we also handle your conversion strategy. We carefully position every element on your page to fulfill a specific function according to its conversion point (top, middle, or bottom) in the funnel.

The saturation of conversion points, smooth integration of the form and visually appealing on-page styling create an environment that promotes interaction and engagement.


Monitoring conversion rates is only one aspect of tracking the performance of your forms. We leverage advanced analytics to offer insights, such as identifying highly engaged prospects, capturing contact information and more. 

As marketing and sales align, this intelligence helps sales teams focus on leads and focus on prospects who are lower down the funnel to increase conversion opportunities. 


Automated email platforms and CRMs aggregate and analyze the data. To capitalize on that, you need effective database management that ensures clean and accurate data. This will allow sales and marketing leadership to gain real-time insights into the current situation. 

With our complete data management program, we assess your data, guarantee its accuracy and also offer insights for both marketing and sales teams.

Our Results

Sales and CRM Transformation Led to a Reduction in Dead-end Leads and An Increase in Sales Insights

Automated Email Marketing, Advanced Analytics and HubSpot CRM Integration Led to Incredible Success for A Canadian IT Company

Increased SQLs by 220.55% Within Just 5 Months Through the Implementing of Our Proprietary DMS System

Digital Strategy Development and Services for the Marketing of a New Mobile App for the Real Estate Industry

Want this kind of growth?

Automated Email Marketing (Inbound) FAQs

On average, 81% of companies use marketing automation as it’s efficient in saving time and effort by automating repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-ups or nurturing leads. Additionally, automated emails ensure consistent messaging while lowering the risk of human error. 

In short, using automation improves overall sales and marketing efforts in ways that personal emails cannot achieve. 

Across most industries, the average email open rate ranges from 17% to 28%. However, competing against this industry average without relevant knowledge can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Some common reasons for low open rates include:

  • The lack of compelling subject lines may fail to grab the recipient’s attention or pique their curiosity.
  • Irrelevant or poorly targeted content that doesn’t resonate with your audience or fails to address their pain points may lead to a lack of engagement.
  • Over-emailing or inconsistent emailing frequencies can lead to email fatigue, causing recipients to ignore or delete your messages.
  • Deliverability issues, such as landing in spam folders or experiencing deliverability challenges, can prevent recipients from opening your emails.

To avoid these issues, you need an email marketing agency proficient in creating personalized email opening strategies, managing email marketing tools and integrations, conducting ongoing analytics and handling all aspects of a successful email marketing campaign.

Automated email nurtures leads through triggered messages upon subscription or specific actions. These initial messages are followed by a series of emails containing informative content about products or services, educational resources, and customer testimonials to encourage leads to become customers. 

Leads higher up the sales funnel are periodically triggered based on specific behaviours, such as website visits, content downloads or abandoned carts. In the same manner, leads in the bottom or middle of the sales funnel are also triggered based on specific actions or behaviours. 

Contact us today to learn more about our automated email marketing services.

A content email marketing strategy is necessary to leave a lasting impact in the minds of the readers. For optimal results, automated email campaigns should include the following:

  • Exclusive offers, promotions, special discounts, limited-time offers or access to exclusive content.
  • Educational content such as blog posts, e-books, whitepapers or industry reports.
  • Positive feedback and testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Product and service updates, such as information regarding new features, enhancements, product releases and success stories.

We can help you seamlessly blend these strategies into your content to improve lead generation without overwhelming your audience.

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