Social Media Marketing Led a Law Firm to Move from Posts to Page One on Google Search Rankings

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Our client wanted to use social media marketing to increase their online presence and attract potential clients. The good thing was that we previously managed our client’s social media, which gave us an upper hand in understanding their target audience. This time, we closely collaborated with our client and used visual content to communicate their legal services.




Law Firm

Social media marketing case study

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to increase their online engagement and connect with more clients who are in need of legal services. For that goal, video marketing sounded like the best option. The client wanted to use video marketing to reach, educate and connect with their target audience.

The Plan

We first started with the firm’s landing page. Our aim was to identify issues and use those improvements to improve conversion rates. We looked into the design, content and user experience and concluded that incorporating visual content, especially videos could improve user experience and conversion rates by a high margin. 

The videos were 3-4 minutes long and included a couple of segments. They were strategically made to tackle common inquiries and engage clients across different phases of the conversion funnel. Mainly, the video covered introductory topics like “Who needs legal services?” and “Why choose our services?” The video served as a key component of the firm’s marketing strategy.

We launched a targeted social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to expand the reach of the video. We leveraged the newly created video content by including a compelling call to action to encourage viewers to take action.

The Results

Our social media marketing management brought great outcomes for our client. The video campaign achieved a 4.73% conversion rate in a very competitive space.

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