Company Increases MRR Substantially Through CRM Clean-Up and Prospect List Management

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After several acquisitions our client’s CRM was overrun by lower-quality prospects, the impact of which was not immediate. However, after one year, the organization experienced a substantial shift in the growth of its MRR.




Canadian Security Company

Lighter after Pulsion prospect list management.

The Opportunity

We saw an opportunity to do a complete clean-up of the data in their CRM. We also put a process in place to ensure that the CRM was routinely refreshed with only prospects that represented the MRR level that the company was looking to achieve.


The Plan

The plan was to clean all records out of the CRM that were not existing customers and had no recent contact with the organization. Then, we planned to begin replenishing the CRM with only high-value prospects representing the budget level needed to increase the MRR.


MRR Increase in 6 Months
Zero Human Contact

The Results

  • An increase of 16% in MRR after six months
  • Several engagements 5x the revenue that the company targeted for MRR
  • An overall increase in sales team productivity

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