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Our client is an international technology company based in Canada. Lately, they were facing some challenges regarding their website analytics. They had been relying on Universal Analytics for quite a long time, particularly to track user data and website engagement. However, with the powerful Google Analytics 4 (GA4), our client recognized an opportunity to improve their data-driven decision-making processes.




International Technology Company

Google Analytic 4 case study

The Opportunity

The client’s previous analytics setup, based on Universal Analytics, had limitations when it came to capturing user interactions and cross-platform tracking. GA4 provided an opportunity to overcome these challenges and gain a better understanding of user behaviour.

The Plan

Our team worked closely with the client to plan and execute the transition from Universal Analytics to GA4.

We conducted a complete analysis of their existing analytics setup to come up with the limitations and opportunities. We also developed a thoughtful migration plan to minimize tracking and reporting disruptions.

For a painless transition, our experts implemented GA4 alongside their existing Universal Analytics. We customized event tracking to align with specific goals and objectives for more precise data collection.

We helped the client take advantage of GA4’s user-centric data model, which enabled us to gain deeper insights into their user behaviour and niche market.

The Results

This transition to a user-centric data model offered a deeper understanding of user interactions, improved tracking and refined reporting capabilities. This, in turn, enabled better decision-making for our client’s business and long-term growth.



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