Digital Marketing Strategy That Boosted Toronto Tech Companies Sales

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Our client, a national technology company, needed our help to improve their brand recognition and product visibility while driving sales growth and minimizing customer acquisition costs. To achieve these objectives, they turned to us to assess and revamp their digital marketing efforts, with a specific focus on lead generation and conversions.




National Technology Company

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to be more competitive among the national players in the industry. They wanted to improve how their brand was placed amongst their buyer personas and increase the visibility of their products to generate more leads and conversions.

The Plan

We started by evaluating our client’s current lead generation performance and PPC campaigns to identify the bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Building upon our findings, we developed a complete digital marketing strategy that focused on driving website traffic and conversions.

To refine our approach, we improved our messaging and laser-targeted keywords frequently searched by their buyer personas (i.e. Human Resources Managers). We also evaluated our client’s landing page content and performance to determine how to map out the individual conversion points and improve their overall PPC strategy.

This included developing special landing pages, improving the content and call-to-action, creating blogs and downloadable content, building links for on-page and off-page SEO and adjusting campaign settings.

Increase in Sales Qualified Leads

The Results

Our efforts bore remarkable fruit, with a 188.8% increase in SQLs. This surge in lead quality improved our client’s market position, aligning perfectly with their growth ambitions.

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