150% Sales Growth After Sealing the Data Gaps and Troubleshooting Sales Challenges

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Recently, our client implemented a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. However, due to some reasons, the teams within the organization weren’t able to update contact records in the CRM, which led to inconsistency. This affected the team’s ability to track leads, manage accounts and analyze data. To address these concerns, our client required our assistance with database management.




Canadian Technology Company

Sales growth case study.

The Opportunity

Our task was twofold. First, to access and evaluate the contact records within the CRM to identify gaps and inaccuracies. The second was to update lead statuses and get a real-time view of the sales pipeline.

The Plan

To assist our client, we customized their CRM system to align with specific requirements. We implemented various processes to keep track of customer accounts and also to identify certain record that needs special attention or review. 

We designed and implemented custom reporting and analysis tools to extract meaningful insights from the CRM data. With the help of these tools, we assessed customer behaviour, conducted churn analysis, monitored lead conversion rates and analyzed the sales funnel. Through our analysis, we analyzed customer behaviour and what their response was to specific campaigns. Based on these available insights, we were able to make forecasts and future predictions. 

With reliable data and up-to-date CRM at their disposal, the sales director and their team could easily track contact statuses. Through consistent CRM data, the team was able to focus on higher-value tasks such as increasing sales and implementing data-driven strategies.

The Results

Our efforts resulted in a 150% increase in generated sales. Our database management expertise turned our client’s inconsistent CRM data into accurate records, which in return benefited their overall business.

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