Database Management

Whether it’s data entry, analysis or cleansing, we offer support as low as $16 per hour. We ensure that your organization’s data is not just a collection of numbers but a well-organized, secure and readily accessible asset that can be used to drive growth and innovation.

Database Management as Low as $16 Per Hour

Inaccurate data, incomplete data and inadequate data maintenance can introduce errors in your analytics process. Errors of this nature can have a ripple effect on your overall results and reporting, making it difficult to maximize the data that is available. Resource constraints are a common challenge for many organizations, especially when dealing with data that needs to be entered across different systems without accessible APIs.

Leverage Our Solutions to Always Have Accurate and Complete Data

Imagine having complete transparency over your data lifecycle, allowing you to pull and observe advanced insights. Our team is well-versed in a wide range of CRMs, and we consistently undergo training in new ones depending on our client’s needs. We offer support in various areas, including data entry, data cleansing, data management, data analysis and much more.

Database Management and Data Entry Program Details


We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

If you require 120 hours + monthly, we offer our full support at a rate of only:

  • $16 per hour if the resource does not require knowledge of your business.
  • $20 per hour if the resource does require knowledge of your business.

These rates are even lower than the cost of hiring an entry-level admin. Smaller projects are quoted competitively on a per-project basis.


We specialize in several key industries where you can expect a seamless onboarding process due to our extensive expertise:

  • Consumer packaged goods (CPG)
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Insolvency
  • Legal
  • Real estate

In all these industries, our goal is to ease the challenges posed by paper-intensive workflows and the integration of data from diverse sources. With a proven track record of delivering results, we can streamline your data input and aggregation processes.


If we work with the existing applications you work with, project planning is included.

In case we do not work with the existing applications and that leaves our team to train in order to support you, we’ve designed a flexible approach that aligns with your usage needs:

  • If you require more than 120 hours per month, project planning will be included.
  • If you do not require 120 hours per month, project planning will be quoted on a per-project basis.

Depending on the type and speed of data input/evaluation, we can also establish key SLAs for efficiency.


We will regularly report and meet with you to ensure completeness and alignment of your database management.

Our Results

CRO Sky Rocket’s Sales Through Changing Approach to Sales

Company Increases MRR Substantially Through CRM Clean-Up and Prospect List Management

Fractional CEO Consulting Leads to a Major Innovation/Modernization Setting the Stage for a Massive Scale Up In New Business

CRO Sees 62% Increase in New Account Registrations Through HubSpot CRM Project

Want this kind of growth?

Database Management FAQs

We work with HubSpot, Act-On, Salesforce (custom environments), Microsoft Dynamics and industry-specific customized databases.


Consumer packaged goods (CPG), technology, finance, insolvency, legal and real estate.


To get started, simply reach out to us through our contact page or email. We’ll schedule an initial consultation to assess your database management needs and provide a customized plan to optimize your data.

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