Automated Social Media Marketing Tools That Are Actually Effective

Doesn’t automation make your life easy?

If you can optimize social interactions using automated tools, wouldn’t it make managing social media a lot simpler?

Many businesses opt for automation because it can reduce the time required for the publication and management of content:

  • Your team members may not always be available to publish content during the peak audience engagement times (times when your users are the most active), so prescheduling can help.
  • Ensuring consistency when it comes to posting content. If you have a small team, prescheduling content can help you maintain a steady stream of content across your social channels.
  • Freeing up time and resources so that they can be allocated elsewhere.
  • Social media marketing tools can be used for social listening and getting a sense of what customers are talking about.

If social media marketing automation has so many benefits, why shouldn’t you just automate the processes and call it a day?

Well, that is because it’s not that simple.

These tools can deliver some benefits but they cannot do one very important thing – human interaction.

Automation can get the job done but it does not have the human intelligence that is critical to ensure that you are effectively communicating with your customers, understanding their needs, not spamming them, and sharing content that is relevant and not tone-deaf.

Human interaction is what creates a loyal following.

Twitter shares that 83% of the people who tweeted to an organization and received a genuine response felt better and were more likely to do business with them.

So, when your followers share or comment on your posts, sending them a real response, rather than an automated one can create a big difference.

Remember, considerate, witty, and/or funny responses are always memorable!

Additionally, it is important to re-format your content according to your audiences on different platforms. Something that works for LinkedIn may not work for Twitter and something that works for Twitter may not work for Facebook.

Similarly, the tags and handles will vary from platform to platform.

Tagging is important for your posts to reach the right audience and gain more engagement and it may be impacted if you automate your social media posts.

Another thing to keep into consideration is that some platforms may not allow some forms of automation.

For instance, Instagram does not allow companies to use tools or bots to automatically comment, like or follow people. It is a direct violation of the platform’s terms & conditions. This can result in account suspension as well.

So, automation may even have a negative impact on your brand equity. Especially, if you are automating activities like following accounts, sending generic direct messages, or liking posts. This could come across as spamming and impact your trustworthiness as a brand.

This is why you need a social media partner that can help you ensure that your social channels always have a human element and even if you do choose to use some form of automation, it does not impact your brand’s reputation.

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