B2B Online Marketing Strategies: Top 2022 Trends to Watch

As the pandemic has accelerated the shift of our lives to digital, online spaces, we can forget that behind every business are living, breathing human beings. That’s where human-to-human marketing (or H2H) comes into play. Humanizing your brand will differentiate your brand in the crowded and competitive online space.

The biggest challenge for B2B online marketing strategies in 2022 will be presenting an authentic, human voice. But with challenge comes opportunity, so here are some tactics to consider going forward that will help your business with H2H marketing.

Social Media Off the Beaten Path

When it comes to B2B social media platforms, LinkedIn is still king of the hill with 97 per cent of B2B marketers using it for content marketing. It’s no wonder since LinkedIn’s capabilities makes it easier to connect with industry-specific targets.

However, a recent survey showed companies of all sizes were looking to expanding their social impact on different apps. In particular, TikTok saw a 700 per cent increase in perceived effectiveness.

This app is a great way for vendors to share user-generated content, which is crucial because people are 92 per cent more likely to trust their peers than advertisers. Only 20 per cent of marketers used TikTok in 2020, so there is a lot of untapped potential here.

Micro Influencers, Big Impact

Micro influencers are proving to be a potent option for quickly reaching new audiences. Interestingly, influencers with 25,000 followers or less have the highest engagement rates regardless of genre, target audience, or topics, averaging at 7 per cent.

An influencer with a small but dedicated following would provide a B2B vendor with an authentic voice and better ROI than larger accounts.

Fast Talker, Fast Results

No one wants to wait days for a response to an email. In a 2019 survey, Adobe discovered that people spend approximately five hours a day checking either their work or personal email. Building email marketing automation into your lead generation process will improve efficiency, and allow you to focus on higher priority communications, giving it that personalized touch.

Integrating a chatbot into your business’ website will also streamline communications. A chatbot can immediately answer FAQs for users and facilitate a quicker payment process. In fact, nearly 70 per cent of consumers prefer chatbots because they’re so quick and easy.

Fortunately, the software has become sophisticated enough at this point that bots can be humanized. Your chatbot can have a name, a photo, and even a sense of humour, all of which will go a long way in user interaction.

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