Benefits of Digital Marketing Outsourcing When You Have an In-House Marketing Department

If you already have in-house digital marketing resource, you might be questioning if digital marketing outsourcing is really needed.

But in our experience, it is usually a huge asset, especially if used strategically.

Depending on the size of the marketing department, you may have one or two people doing the bulk of the work — this includes regular and digital marketing activities. The strategy alone can be a full-time job. And then there is execution.

If you are running a robust marketing campaign that includes online and offline components, there is a lot to manage and execute. In social media marketing alone, you might need to:

  • Create a content strategy.
  • Manage the daily posting.
  • Monitor and respond to comments.
  • Engage with other social media profiles.
  • Research content sharing opportunities.
  • Report on results.
  • And more…

This can quickly get busy, especially if you have multiple platforms or multiple verticals — and we haven’t even touched on if you were to add in social media pay-per-click advertising.

And then there are other digital marketing activities to consider, like search engine optimization, website design, maintenance, and accessibility compliance, pay-per-click marketing, and more.

While you could hire another resource to focus on all of this, it might not always make financial sense — at least when compared to outsourcing.

If you were to hire another in-house resource to grow your digital marketing efforts, you would need to consider:

  • The costs of the hiring process itself.
  • Salary, benefits, and progressive raises.
  • Onboarding and training.
  • Ongoing supervision and monitoring.
  • Continuing education.
  • Managing sick days, vacation leave, and the like.

The list goes on…

With an outsourced digital marketing agency, you could skip all this and hire the same services – plus more – for significantly less money. In addition, you would be ensuring reliability (no sick days or vacations to consider), a fixed price, minimal onboarding, and an increased knowledge base.

For instance, at Pulsion Marketing, we have experts on staff in content creation, SEO, PPC marketing, sales prospecting, website design and compliance, and more. Even if you retain our services for one portion of your marketing, if you chose to expand in the future we could help.

Our agency gives businesses expert digital marketing advice and execution for a fraction of the cost of hiring another in-house resource. This allows the in-house marketing department to focus on overall strategy, offline marketing efforts, and more.

Even when you have an in-house marketing department, outsourcing one – or more – components of your digital marketing can help expand your reach, capabilities, and scalability.

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