Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing for Sales Departments

Digital marketing outsourcing isn’t just for the marketing department — it’s also extremely beneficial for sales teams.

As sales departments are likely aware, lead generation can take many forms. And one of those forms is digital marketing.

You might consider:

  • Utilizing LinkedIn Enterprise services to solicit prospects.
  • Posting regular discussions in LinkedIn Groups.
  • Posting regular discussions in Facebook Groups.
  • Maintaining your own LinkedIn profile.
  • Building active personal presences on other social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Starting and maintaining a LinkedIn Pulse blog.
  • Running paid ads on search engines and in social media.
  • Connecting online with conference organizers, trade shows, and other participants post-show.
  • Building and maintaining a sales funnel that walks prospects through the buyers’ journey.
  • Sending out a regular email newsletter to your contact list to keep them up-to-date with what’s happening at your company and opportunities.
  • And more…

The trouble is that all of this activity can take up a lot your time and resources — especially if you use other lead generation activities, like attending meetings with prospects, attending trade shows, making cold calls or cold visits, etc. And if you take a vacation or get sick, your prospecting activities could fall by the wayside.

The solution? Digital marketing outsourcing.

By working with an external digital marketing agency, you can set a strategy for your sales prospecting and rest assured that it will be executed. For instance, an agency partner could:

  • Identify targets on LinkedIn and send out pre-approved solicitations.
  • Work with you on topics and then create content for your LinkedIn Pulse blog or personal social media profiles.
  • Post, moderate, and maintain any content you share.
  • Post and moderate Facebook and LinkedIn groups.
  • Help develop a sales funnel strategy.
  • Maintain posting while you are at a sales conference or trade show so you can focus on the people in front of you.
  • And more.

With this method, you would keep (or even increase) your lead generation activities for a fraction of your time. You could receive only the most primed leads and prospects, so you can focus on closing the deal.

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