What are the best live chat apps?

Live chat is an online communication app that enables businesses and their website visitors to chat in real-time.

Visitors have the option of speaking to a live agent that’s available to answer any questions and concerns they might have. Live chat support agents can also guide visitors through the website to reach where they want to go.

Live chat is a great customer support alternative to emails, messages, or phone calls because visitors get quick responses to their questions, and concerns can be resolved efficiently.

Here are some of the best live chat apps you can leverage for customer support.


LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that lets businesses connect in real-time with their audience on various platforms. It includes messenger, apple business chat, SMS, websites, and more. You can easily personalize the live chat feature, qualify leads with custom forms and AI automation, and track sales to measure increases in sales and revenue.


LiveHelpNow lets businesses communicate with their audience in real-time to provide responsive, personalized customer support. You can create support tickets to track customer issues and quickly resolve concerns to boost customer satisfaction. LiveHelpNow also lets you create comprehensive FAQ pages so you can answer the most common questions in a centralized location.


Zendesk lets businesses create chatbots using built-in automation to help customers get answers quickly without using an agent. It also provides real-time live chat options that help you personalize the support process. You can stay connected with your audience on any channel in a centralized workspace to start or continue conversations with your visitors.


HubSpot has free live chat software that helps businesses drive leads, conversions, and sales. You can scale your live chat support to meet the needs of your business and customer support team. You can also integrate HubSpot’s live chat option into their free CRM to deliver more personalized experiences and track conversations.

If you need help leveraging a live chap app to improve your customer service, build personalized relationships, and increase sales, contact us for help today.