Best programmatic marketing platform

Programmatic marketing is the use of software to buy digital advertising and manage your digital ad inventory. Programmatic marketing solutions will use real-time bidding processes and online targeting strategies to automate the ad buying process with website publishers in a fraction of a second. It analyzes the website and user, such as age, income, and preferences, to place the optimal ad in front of the user.

Many programmatic marketing platforms help marketers streamline their advertising with better transparency, real-time insights, and improved results.

Here are some of the best programmatic marketing platforms.


SmartyAds offers a full-stack programmatic marketing platform that meets the needs of any brand, agency, publisher, and app developer. Advertisers can run display ads, in-app ads, video ads, and native advertising campaigns across different devices. Advertisers get access to ad creation tools, header bidding comprehensive analytics, and robust targeting solutions to manage their digital ad inventory.


MediaMath‘s data management platform lets marketers integrate first- and third-party data in different categories for better consumer segmentation and ad results. You can manage all aspects of your ad campaign, such as targeting, creatives, and reporting. You can also easily upload your ad assets across the internet and use ID management to buy ads on a variety of systems. The MediaMath Audiences feature lets you reach the most relevant audiences at scale.


Fyber specialized in programmatic marketing for mobile publishers. They offer the world’s only header bidding system for mobile apps and combines technology and expertise to deliver optimized in-app ad performance, comprehensive ad management, and targeted audience segmentation. is a localized programmatic marketing platform that lets advertisers buy ad space on multiple real-time bidding exchanges. Audiences can be categorized by device, browser, search data, keywords, and more. You can also upload the CRM data to further enhance audience targeting.

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