Best website/CRM applications?

Businesses use various website/customer relationship management (CRM) applications to support their digital marketing initiatives.

CRM software applications help businesses manage key processes in their customer interactions. For example, customer data storage, sales automation, lead tracking, customer support, contracts, and more.

Marketing, IT, customer service, and sales teams are connected into a centralized location that provides real-time customer insights, informing teams about how they build and manage customer relationships.

Here are some interesting statistics about CRM applications:

  • 65% of business professionals look for CRM software that is easy to use.
  • A good CRM solution can generate a return on investment of 45% per dollar invested.
  • By 2027, the CRM market expects to reach $113.46 billion.
  • 13% of companies say investing in CRM is one of their top sales priorities.
  • 92% of businesses say CRM is crucial in achieving their revenue goals.

Here are some of the best website/CRM applications you can leverage.


Salesforce is the #1 CRM application in the market. Businesses can implement AI, app development, and additional apps. It also helps businesses personalize customer experiences by making customer data transparent to all departments responsible for providing customer support. Salesforce is scalable to any industry and company size for increased ROI and lasting customer relationships.


Although Mailchimp is known for its email marketing solutions, it also provides comprehensive CRM services. Businesses can analyze customer data based on user behaviours and customer lifetime value, organize contact and customer data into segments to map out key trends, and set up automated messages based on trigger events.


Insightly is a CRM and marketing automation application. It recently included a project management module that provides businesses with a command center. It maps out where projects are along the sales pipeline to provide better transparency of CRM initiatives. Businesses can segment customer data into contacts, organizations, leads, and opportunities.

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