Managing Your Brand During COVID-19

Stopping your marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic is the LAST thing you should be doing.

Yet it’s what a lot of businesses are doing.

As the pandemic evolves and more businesses temporarily shut their doors, we are also seeing them shut down communications with it. This is a mistake!

During this time, it’s critical that brands share updates about how they are responding to the COVID-19 situation. And beyond that, there is other content that you should be sharing, too…

What type of content should your brand be sharing?

a)  Content relevant to your buyer persona.

There is plenty that you can share to help keep prospects informed during the pandemic. For instance, if you are in the financial sector, you might share news related to financial policies or how people who are struggling with layoffs can get help.

If you serve businesses, you might share content about working remotely or moving processes to be done via teleconferencing, instead of in-person.

Think about what your prospects may be going through and how you can help.

Also, remember that people are being inundated with COVID-19-related content right now. A break from the news is okay — prospects may also want to read an eBook, watch a video, or laugh at a joke that isn’t related to the pandemic.

b)  Accessibility is critical – how have you made yourself digitally accessible?

If people regularly contact you in person, how can they reach you without face-to-face contact (i.e. phone, email, online chat, and so forth)?

Social media shouldn’t be forgotten either — let people know that you are still monitoring your digital marketing channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This is great content to share to remind clients and prospects that you are still available to them, even during this uncertain time.

c)  How can people do business with you during this time?

Can your products or services be offered digitally? For instance, if you normally conduct in-person consultations, could you do so over the phone or teleconferencing instead?

If you require in-person signatures, can you use digital signing software?

If you host open houses (such as a real estate sales professional), can you host virtual showings?

While not all business can be done online, there is plenty that can — or can at least be adapted. Try thinking outside of the box for ways that you can continue to offer some (or full) service to your clients.

d)  If you can’t make your business accessible during this time, what provisions do you have in place to capture leads?

If there is simply no way for prospects to continue to be able to buy from you during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still something you can do: ensure you have a way to capture leads that do come in.

A contact form, a waiting list, a free eBook to download, and so forth… Whatever the method, you want to ensure that you can still be in contact with people who are interested in working with you when the pandemic is over.

Even if they can’t buy from you now, this is still a good time to set the stage for the future.

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