How to Be Ready For After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is lasting longer than initial estimates, but it will come to an end eventually — and when it does, is your business ready?

Even during the tough times, your organization needs a plan to get back on track as soon as possible after the pandemic is rescinded. And that plan can start now — even if your business is shut down or has shifted services.

Some companies are getting this preparation right… How, you ask? Read on.

a) Continuing to release digital content

One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make during this time is to stop their marketing efforts altogether.

Companies that are getting it right have shifted their content focus amidst the pandemic (such as tailoring content to be about working from home), but they have not stopped it completely.

Your audience hasn’t disappeared. In fact, they might have more time on their hands to read, watch, or listen to digital content right now. Keep releasing content that addresses what your audience is going through — and how you will be there for them when the pandemic is over.

b) Releasing more value content than sell content

If your business has been able to keep operating through the pandemic (such as remotely) it’s tempting to only talk about how you can help your customers. But companies that are getting it right are casting a wider net.

Value-added content is content outside of what you sell. It might be a blog post about a topic of interest to your prospects, a free eBook, a video, tutorial, research paper, or anything else that informs, educates, or engages prospects.

Compelling content isn’t just about you — it’s about your audience. Remembering that will serve you well during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

c) Capturing leads through automation

Even if business is slower or paused completely, you can still fill your pipeline with leads for when the pandemic is over. This is made easier through automation.

For instance, some of the value-added content you create could require your audience to enter their contact information (such as email address and permission to receive emails) to download it. You could then put the captured email addresses into an automated email sequence.

Even if you aren’t open fully for business during this period, you can still nurture leads so that they are ready to buy — or at least closer to it — when you do re-open.

d) Continuing to market

Some organizations have stopped their marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic… But the ones who are getting it right have not stopped.

They may have shifted content or created a temporary strategy, but they have not paused marketing altogether. Your audience still wants to hear from you. And since many people are home now, this could be an opportunity to attract new prospects.

e) Have a post-COVID-19 strategy to convert what’s in your pipeline

While it’s easy to focus just on the moment in a crisis like this, businesses getting their preparation right are thinking ahead. They have a strategy to convert prospects in their timeline when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

They are setting the stage now for future business — whether that is through attracting leads, nurturing those already in progress, taking the downtime to get to know their prospects better, and more.

When the pandemic is cleared, the businesses that are agile and ready will be prepared to act first.

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