Sales and CRM Transformation Led to a Reduction in Dead-end Leads and An Increase in Sales Insights

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Our client wanted to upgrade and move to a new sales CRM. Based on the current issues, they were looking for a CRM that could be integrated with their existing tools and easily adopted by their team.




International Technology Firm

The Opportunity

Our client’s existing CRM system had many limitations that affected data management and marketing efforts. On top of that, their day-to-day challenges revolved around handling a large volume of support calls and sales inquiries, where almost 65% of them were non-qualified leads and 35% were qualified leads. In this way, their current CRM was not helping and leading to a pile of inaccurate data. Because of this, our client required our support to maintain their CRM accuracy.


The Plan

Our efforts helped them transition to a newer CRM as well as improve data accuracy and their marketing efforts.

We helped the client move from their previous CRM to HubSpot CRM. We started by customizing their new CRM to align with the client’s sales cadences and ensuring it accommodated their unique workflows. Once the transition was completed, we provided detailed training to the staff on maximizing the platform and its features.

Our team provided ongoing support for quality assurance of forms and regular updates to contact statuses. This ensured data accuracy and completeness at every step. Additionally, we designed custom reporting tools, which led the leadership to gain real-time insights into lead status within the sales infrastructure. 

The Results

The shift to HubSpot CRM streamlined the data management process. The team could now measure KPIs and access real-time analysis thanks to customized reporting tools. 

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