CRO Sees 62% Increase in New Account Registrations Through HubSpot CRM Project

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Our client was a CRO who was having difficulty truly understanding what was in the sales funnel. The sales team was not consistently updating the HubSpot CRM and so there was little accountability.





International Software Company

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The Opportunity

Here, we saw an opportunity to take advantage of the HubSpot CRM technology to increase the CRO’s insights into the current state of his sales organization and to create models to forecast sales and create predictability.

The Plan

The plan was to audit a quarter of the sales entries into the CRM using a standard approach to classifying them based on the sales team’s activities on record.

From we:

    • Created new and more descriptive labeling and reporting in the CRM.
    • Started training the sales team.
    • Audited and cleaned the data monthly.
    • Established a KPI for keeping data clean.
    • Reported on results while ensuring data stays accurate.
Increased actionable insights into sales performance
62% increase in new account registrations year over year

The Results

  • The CRO started having a clearer picture of lead volume, lead quality, lead handling and the overall funnel.
  • The department saw a 62% increase in account registrations in the first year.

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