Supported Client to Target New Buyer Personas Using Social Media and Modifying Those Customer’s Journey

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Our client is a well-established legacy CPG brand in Canada and required our assistance with brand transitioning and expanding its customer base. They now wanted to target a younger demographic audience.

Keeping our client’s goals in mind, we learned and researched about their new buyer persona and then developed a competitive strategy to target the younger demographic.




National CPG Brand

The Opportunity

We started from ground zero and built up an entire digital presence for our client. This allowed them to tweak their marketing strategies to serve both their existing older demographic and the younger demographic audience.


The Plan

We first researched the client’s competitive space and the detailed profile of the younger demographic buyer persona. This way, we discovered valuable insights, preferences and behaviours of the following target audience.

After researching the client’s competitive space, we created and executed a complete digital marketing program, which included a foundational social media marketing plan. The program placed a strong emphasis on fun, engaging and nostalgic content published with the aim of driving high-quality leads and conversions.

With this new buyer persona segment, our client was able to introduce their brand to a younger demographic audience and build meaningful relationships along the way.

Our team oversaw all of their social media accounts for a consistent and memorable customer experience throughout their entire customer journey. We also assisted our client in introducing product giveaways as an enjoyable means of engaging with their client and building lasting relationships.

As a final step, we helped our client train their in-house marketing team on digital media best practices. This was to help them improve their internal capabilities and competitiveness within the industry.

The Results

Our client saw a greater difference in their social media following and brand presence than ever before. Now, they were able to target the younger demographics as well as the older ones.

Their digital presence also attracted national media attention and improved their reputation as a trusted firm that deserves the trust of existing and new customers.

Our efforts in helping our client’s in-house marketing team shift to online marketing improved their competitiveness. As a result, lead generation and conversion rates increased across all buyer persona segments.



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