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Our client wanted to improve their brand and product awareness within the industry. They wanted to target the various buyer personas to promote their services. Focusing on our client’s objectives, we developed a digital marketing strategy that would increase their visibility while lowering customer acquisition costs.




International Technology Company

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to be more competitive among the national players in the industry. They wanted to improve how their brand was placed among their buyer personas and how to make the purchasing process easier for them.

The Plan

We first started by evaluating our client’s current lead generation campaigns to identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

Based on our findings, we developed a complete digital marketing strategy that focused on keyword research, SEO optimization, content refinement and more. Our goal was to use direct response messaging to motivate prospects to take action. For that, we pointed out frequently searched keywords among their target buyer personas and used those selected ones to create the content and the landing pages. Our approach included developing special landing pages, implementing link-building strategies for on-page and off-page SEO and making necessary adjustments to the campaign settings.

We also initiated blog creation, offered downloadable content, and optimized their already existing content, as well as calls to action. We also assessed our client’s landing page content and performance to determine how to map out the individual conversion points.

Side by side, we also improved their overall PPC strategy.

Increase in Product Sales
Increase in Website Traffic
Increase in Leads - SEO
Increase in Leads - Google Adwords

The Results

Our client’s revenue increased by 129% as product sales increased by 176% and website traffic increased by 176%. Interestingly, our client achieved the conversion of two new human resources and corporate accounts every day.

In addition, our SEO strategy generated an 80% increase in leads, while PPC campaigns contributed to a 20% growth in lead generation. In addition to these accomplishments, our client’s PPC clicks increased by a significant amount, all while saving 84.39% on their PPC advertising budget.

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