New Brand and Digital Marketing Strategy for a National Debt Consulting Company

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Our client wanted to develop a competitive digital marketing strategy for their debt consulting and insolvency business. Keeping our client’s growth in mind, we assisted our client from the launch of their brand to their expansion in the Canadian market.




National Financial Consulting Company

Image Representing Digital Marketing Strategy

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to enter the competitive industry of debt consolidation, consulting and insolvency services. Our client was competing against large trustees, particularly banks, finance companies and mortgage brokerages that often have huge marketing resources.

We placed our client’s buyer persona first and learned about their needs and wants, especially during difficult financial times. Our strategy focused on building a brand based on trust, care and transparency as a family-oriented business.

We helped our client to diversify their product offerings beyond debt consulting. This led to many new revenue streams.

The Plan

We helped our client develop and execute a digital marketing strategy. Instead of positioning their brand in front of a debt consulting company, we put it in front of their most valuable target persona.

Our strategy included the creation of web content and various communications materials. We wanted to ensure that our client’s buyer persona felt supported at every stage of the customer journey.

With a focus on long-term content strategy, we executed a social media marketing strategy plan. We created a highly engaged Facebook group and ran social PPC ads to improve our client’s brand visibility.

We also launched a new custom WordPress website for our client, which now includes project consulting and service development services. The idea behind launching these new services was to provide a better consulting experience to the clients.

The Results

Our efforts led to high-quality leads and conversion rates.

In addition, their website consistently received strong organic rankings and several thousands of visits on a monthly basis.

Initially serving clients in Ontario, our client has expanded their reach to consumers across the entire country. We continue to serve our client even as they expand and grow their business.

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