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Our client was looking to launch an entirely new mobile app for a new brand. They had previously provided a desktop application for the real estate industry and operated in the B2B industry.




National Technology Firm

The Opportunity

Our client needed all the components for the mobile app launch campaign, including social media strategy and support, social PPC, training videos and more. In addition, they also required AODA compliance.

The objectives of the campaigns were to:

  • Build and establish the brand for the new product.
  • Market the app to existing professionals who use the desktop version of their software.
  • Encourage increased usage of the app.
  • Generate new leads/customer relationships.

The Plan

We developed a complete digital marketing plan based on our client’s requirements. The first step in this process was creating a highly responsive WordPress web design that replicates the app’s feel. 

Next, we produced digital content creation, videos, content and optimized blogs, as well as other social media supporting assets. We took care of everything for social media platforms, from posting and monitoring to moderation and reporting. This also involved leveraging professional groups and direct solicitations to raise brand awareness within specific communities.

We also used advanced audience targeting strategies to run social PPC ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These campaigns targeted existing users of the desktop app and lookalike audiences based on previous users of the desktop app.


Social Following Amassed - Year 1
Average Monthly Traffic - Year 1
Average Conversion Rate
Increase in Usage

The Results

Within one year, our client’s website received an average of more than 3,000 unique visits per month.

The results exceeded industry standards, with the average conversion rate reaching 22%, and led to a 211% increase in product usage. Our digital marketing efforts produced high lead and conversion rates, which led to these accomplishments.

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