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Our client is a leading provider of technology professional services. Recently, they contacted us to improve their website security, user engagement and lead generation efforts. We offered them an enterprise-level solution to integrate forms into their WordPress website, improve analytics for instant messaging and increase the efficacy’s efficiency as a whole.




International Technology Company

Generate better leads case study

The Opportunity

Our client was facing issues with their existing WordPress forms, which were affecting their ability to capture leads. This resulted in missed opportunities and an inefficient form system. As a solution, we recommended using forms to increase lead generation.

The Plan

We used HubSpot to create customized lead-generation forms and integrated them into our client’s WordPress website. This integration enhanced website security and provided visitors with a more user-friendly way to engage with the site. This integration resulted in improved lead capture capabilities.

We linked the HubSpot CRM system with HubSpot CRM. Thanks to this integration, we were able to connect and handle leads more easily. Now, all the form submissions are automatically synced to the CRM.

To further refine our strategy, we tracked conversion rates, closely observed form performance and gathered insightful data on user behaviour. Due to these rich insights, we were able to improve the forms and messaging strategies for our client. 

The Results

The convenience of integrated forms and the effectiveness of instant messaging led to increased user engagement and lead conversion rates.

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