Google Performance Max Campaign Consistently Increased a Criminal Law Firm’s Clicks to Clients by 114% Per Month

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A criminal law firm faced the challenge of limited online visibility and an underperforming SEO strategy. They had a well-designed website, optimized content and blogs, but they were not ranking, hence leading to minimal visitors. To improve our client’s online presence, Google AdWords seemed like a strategic solution.




Criminal Law Firm

Google performance max campaign case study

The Opportunity

For the past couple of months, our client was struggling with low online visibility. Now, they wanted to increase their firm’s presence and attract potential clients. 

The Plan

Our business analyst and marketing team identified areas for improvement. We developed a strategy that included Google Performance Max Campaigns.

We dived into the Google search algorithm to study ongoing trends as well as do keyword research and pulled out key demographic data. All of this led us to identify the most relevant and high-converting keywords. We also analyzed competitors’ strategies to gain insights into the practices and trends they prioritize. 

Following that, we determined a campaign budget that aligned with the campaign’s objectives. Throughout the campaign, we placed a strong focus on conversion tracking to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign. This approach helped us monitor and improve our efforts along the way. 

Average Conversion Rate
Increase in New Leads

The Results

Within just a few days, our Google AdWords Management efforts improved the firm’s visibility on search results. Through our efforts, we were able to take our client’s already successful lead generation to the next level. As a result, monthly leads increased by 114%, and search conversion rates increased by 32%.

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