Improved SEO Performance Score via Custom Tracking for a Canadian Firm

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Our client, a national IT company, faced a unique challenge related to SEO performance optimization. They initially relied on Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track various analytics codes on their secured website. However, they faced SEO performance issues, and to solve them, they needed a specialized approach.




National IT Consulting Company

Improved SEO performance case study.

The Opportunity

The client’s primary concern was SEO performance, particularly the loading speed of their website. GTM added a layer of complexity and latency to their website’s performance. This negatively impacted their SEO performance score and user experience. The challenge was to maintain their complex tracking setup while eliminating the SEO performance issues caused by the GTM.

The Plan

We developed a personalized solution for our client. Our aim was to make sure that our client’s website remains secure and protected while we go in the back and address SEO performance issues. 

So, we first conducted an in-depth analysis of our client’s existing tracking setup within GTM. This was to identify the specific tracking codes and events that would be necessary for analytics on the website.

Our team developed custom JavaScript code to embed the tracking codes on the website. The primary goal of optimizing this code was to make tracking more efficient and reduce the time it takes for the website to load (reducing latency).

In addition to tracking codes, we implemented custom event tracking logic to replicate the tracking events that were previously managed through GTM. This shift helped with the continuous tracking of HubSpot and AdWords data, which are tools used for marketing and analytics purposes.

Removing the GTM layer and optimizing the tracking implementation improved the website’s loading speed and also impacted the SEO performance.

We also did continuous testing to make sure that the custom tracking solutions were accurately capturing all necessary data and events.

The Results

Our approach simplified the tracking process by eliminating the need for GTM. Our client now had a convenient tracking setup that is easier to manage and maintain. Our efforts led to an improvement in the client’s SEO performance score.

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