From Underperformance to Increase in Website Visits, Leads and Sales for an International Technology Company

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Our client is a prominent technology company with a global presence. They wanted our assistance to improve their web SEO strategy and optimize their online presence. The goal was to connect with their buyer personas and use that to drive engagement and conversions.




International Technology Company

Increase in website visits - seo case study

The Opportunity

Despite their global prominence, the client’s website was underperforming. This led to a decline in user engagement and conversion rates. It was at that moment that the client recognized the need to extract insights from their data to understand the reasons for their declining online performance

The Plan

We began by initiating a website improvement project. We started by analyzing data from HubSpot’s lead capture forms that we embedded on websites and landing pages for our client.

We also conducted data analysis to find the root causes of the poor performance of the website. This led us to look deeply into behaviour management, segment funnels for each solution and prioritize high-converting leads that are most likely to convert. We also tracked KPIs and gained insights from marketing and sales performance.

These insights provided a single source of truth for our team. We integrated sales, marketing and data analysis to create a powerful strategy for growth.

Based on the results, we designed and executed an SEO strategy. This strategy included in-depth keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization and technical SEO improvements. Our primary focus was to improve the quality of website content and to ensure its relevance and value to visitors. Quality processes and guest blogging further expanded the online presence.

The Results

Our efforts significantly improved website engagement, with users spending more time on the site and interacting with the content more actively. This also led to improved appeal for the target buyer persona.

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