LinkedIn Sponsored Ads Turned Clicks into High-Volume Conversions for A Canadian Web-Based Event

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This case study will discuss how we assisted our client in promoting a web-based event using LinkedIn PPC advertising. Our client required our help with LinkedIn PPC management to increase registrations and conversions for their event.




National IT Company

The Opportunity

Through previous campaigns, our client was well aware of LinkedIn’s platform and its ability to target buyer personas. This time, though, they had an urgent need to promote their web-based content. The objective was to increase brand awareness as well as registrations and conversions for the event.

The Plan

Our client needed a calculated strategy to attract the right audience. To maximize the campaign performance, we implemented a LinkedIn PPC strategy.

The first step was to define the target audience for the web-based event. This was to ensure the campaign reached professionals with a genuine interest in the topic. To expand our reach, we used look-alike lists to find LinkedIn users who shared similar traits and interests with the primary audience.

In addition, we also integrated the event page with HubSpot to make tracking and management easier. Due to this integration, we are now able to handle registrations, track user engagement and nurture leads within the client’s HubSpot marketing ecosystem.

Campaign Click-Through Rate
Campaign Conversion Rate

The Results

Through our efforts, our client achieved a 16% increase in the CTR, indicating that the target audience was highly engaged and interested. The campaign’s conversion rate of 12.6% was equally impressive, suggesting that the audience was not only highly likely to take action but also highly interested. Overall, our efforts increased event registrations and conversions, as evident by the results.

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