Organic SEO Strategy Delivered Healthy Gains for a Medical Device Firm

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Our client, a medical device company, is an official distributor of next-generation medical devices. To maximize their online presence, they wanted to understand and attract their buyer persona. Through our collaboration, we conducted an SEO audit, identified keywords and created strategies for better visibility in the Canadian market.



North America (Canada and the US)


Medical Device Company

The Opportunity

Our client wanted to increase their website traffic and online presence. Their main focus was targeting the industry’s medical professionals, who were more likely to resonate with the content and raise their overall organic rankings. To do this, we created a calculated strategy with their specific goals in mind.

The Plan

At first, we conducted a complete SEO audit of our client’s website to analyze the structure, content and technical aspects. We concluded that our client had the opportunity to leverage SEO and improve their visibility.

We then conducted keyword research to identify relevant search terms and phrases that potential customers were using to search for medical devices. This included terms such as “shock devices,” and “plantar fasciitis treatment” and more. We didn’t stop here — we also discovered insights and data related to customer preference, search trends and competition in the market.

With this knowledge, we conducted a WordPress web design and optimized their landing and solution pages. This included improving page structure and adding call-to-action elements to relevant pages across the site. Here, the goal was to use location-specific keywords to reach customers in specific areas.

We integrated strong analytics tools into our client’s websites to continuously track ongoing results. This helped us monitor key metrics like website traffic, lead conversions and keyword rankings. We were able to optimize the marketing strategies and make data-driven decisions for maximum effectiveness. 

Increase to Organic Search Rankings

The Results

Optimizing their website and content showed an immediate boost in views, sales and qualified leads. With the help of our SEO efforts, the client was able to successfully enter their target market, which raised their organic rankings by 276%.

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