CRO Attends Conference with Five Major Intros Lined Up by Pulsion and Lands Quarter Million Dollar Opportunity

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Our client was a CRO representing a global organization. He was attending a major conference in the US and wanted to maximize his attendance and networking with other executives at his level representing large contract opportunities.




International Technology Company

CRO having business meeting at conference.

The Opportunity

We were already actively social selling on LinkedIn for the sales team, so we recommended a customized effort to target high level decision-makers in large organizations for him to meet with.

The Plan

Our plan was to:

  • Run a social PPC ad to only prospects with target job titles, in target company sizes who we thought would be attending the show.
  • Review the sponsorship list for the show and identify other sponsors worth reaching out to.
  • Redirect social selling efforts to reach out to prospects that met the criteria and who would be attending the show.
5 High value meetings
Quarter million dollar opportunity

The Results

  • We established meetings with five C-Suite leaders leading up to the show through LinkedIn.
  • Those meetings resulted in a $252,000 opportunity.
  • The company’s annual investment of $42,000.00 in social selling and one deal netted 5x that investment for the entire year.

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