Reduced Google Adwords Dependence by Securing Top Google Rankings That Increased Organic Traffic By 542%

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Our client, a criminal law firm, wanted to improve their local SEO and reduce their dependence on PPC advertising. Their main goal was to achieve higher rankings in local search results most importantly, attract quality leads over quantity.




Criminal Law Firm

The Opportunity

Although our client had previously invested in paid search results, this time, they wanted to focus more on organic traffic and reducing PPC expenses. This shift in focus required an entirely new approach.

The Plan

To gain a deeper understanding, we examined both the current and previous PPC campaigns. We determined which areas could result in cost savings through adjustments and optimization. In addition, we performed keyword research to identify local keywords that potential clients were using to find criminal law services. We also created a unique link-building campaign using the following keyword research results.

Putting this strategy into play, we optimized our client’s website and content for the identified keywords. We also updated the landing pages, integrated local SEO strategies and implemented on-page optimization to improve overall performance. 

We provided in-depth consulting to our client on how to improve their SEO strategy and precisely target the audience. This included pointers on how to improve the structure of their website and the types of ad content that would work well for their intended demographic. We gave them tailored recommendations based on their specific goals to help them maintain a consistent online presence. 

Through our efforts, we reduced their PPC expenses without sacrificing the lead quality.  

Additionally, our efforts resulted in a 542% increase in organic traffic and an immediate boost in local search rankings for relevant keywords. The firm now holds the top position for its three most critical keywords.

Ranking for Targeted Keyword in Key Markets
Overall Increase in Organic Search Traffic

The Results

We reduced their PPC expenses without compromising on the lead quality.

Our efforts resulted in a 542% increase in organic traffic and an immediate boost in local search rankings. The company now holds the top position for its three most essential keywords.

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