Serving Up Sales Success, Increased Conversions and Leads Using HubSpot CRM

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Our client is a technology company based in Canada and needed our assistance to improve their digital strategy. We consulted with them and supported them in geostrategy development, CRM integration and online visibility. The aim was to make our client competitive on a national level.




National Technology Company

Sales success with HubSpot CRM

The Opportunity

Our client was a well-established company working for almost 3 decades in the technology space. Now, they were facing challenges and needed a unique approach to optimize their campaigns on a national level.

The Plan

Through HubSpot CRM, we tracked the entire customer journey from initial lead generation to conversion and beyond. This involved monitoring website visits, email interactions, form submissions and other relevant metrics.

We worked with the client’s sales team to manage their sales pipeline by tracking deals and providing insights into the sales process. Visualization and analysis of the sales funnel allowed for data-driven decision-making.

Based on the data analysis, we created a plan to precisely target the right audience, ensuring that marketing efforts were highly effective. We made changes to the client’s landing pages and focused on HR-related SEO keywords that were relevant to their business.

This included making improvements in content quality, changes to call-to-action elements and the creation of informative blogs and downloadable content.

The Results

HubSpot CRM and the other strategies were a huge success for our client. The client experienced an increase in soft conversions and online visibility.

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