SEO Strategy Success! Turned IT Keywords into a 122% Organic Ranking Boost in Just 3 Months

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A national IT company was facing challenges in its online visibility and lead generation efforts. The client requested that we give the organic search a top priority because it generates high-quality leads and is also cost-effective. Based on our client’s goal, we developed a strategic SEO campaign that focused on publishing high-quality guest posts, conducting keyword research and updating solution pages in a three-month period of time.




National IT Company

Off Page SEO Banner

The Opportunity

Upon further research, we realized that our client was not ranking for critical IT keywords, making it difficult for potential customers to find them online. Our client wanted us to create a marketing campaign that’s centred around attracting leads with a higher propensity for conversion.

The Plan

Our team developed and implemented a complete SEO strategy to address the client’s challenges.

We identified 90 high-impact keywords relevant to the IT industry, giving special attention to those with high search volume and commercial intent.

Next, we thoroughly audited the company’s website and developed a content outreach strategy. The strategy focused on creating informative content, engaging articles and guest posts related to IT services. These posts not only highlighted the company’s expertise but also helped gain backlinks to the website.

For the solution pages, we optimized meta tags, headings and content to align with targeted keywords.

Also, we closely monitored the progress of our SEO efforts using various analytics tools. This allowed us to make real-time adjustments and track the impact of our work.

Increase in Organic Rankings
Increase in Sales Qualified Leads

The Results

After implementing our professional SEO services, the client’s organic rankings experienced an increase of 122%. This increase in visibility directly translated into tangible results, as the client experienced a 225% increase in Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

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