Technology Company Lands $400k Contract in First 30 Days Through a Single Lead Generated by Pulsion

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  • Database Administration
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Integrations
  • Lead Targeting
  • List Building
  • Sales Enablement


Our client was looking to target larger companies with larger revenue opportunities than what sales and marketing was bringing in. Part of their challenge dealt with being able to identify, at the company level, if there was the budget for this.




National Technology Company

The Opportunity

The client’s MRR reflected the quality of lead that was being generated. A database of smaller company clients = smaller budgets and smaller opportunities. We saw a massive opportunity to shift this by flooding the CRM and sales team with targeted prospects that only met very specific criteria as it related to size and revenue.

The Plan

  • The plan was to leverage insight tools to build a highly targeted list of prospects for sales to solicit.
  • We not only built the list, but we also added it to the CRM and assigned it for follow-up to its respective salesperson.
16% SQLs after prospects were contacted and qualified by sales
4% New opportunities
Closed a single deal worth more than 4x the annual investment in the program

The Results

The first list, once followed-up, yielded:

  • 16% SQLs after prospects were contacted and qualified by sales.
  • 4% Opportunities.
  • One closed deal worth over $400,000.00 per year.

Annual investment: $72,000.00 and the first closed deal was more than 4x the investment of the program for the entire year.

We would call those some pretty solid results!

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