Managing Communications During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, businesses and consumers around the world are facing disruptions at work and home.

In Canada, in less than a week, we have seen people being called to work from home, limit fact-to-face contact (a.k.a. social distancing), businesses shutting their doors to the public, flights being cancelled, and more.

It’s a difficult time to be in business as uncertainty reigns. However, what shouldn’t be uncertain is your communications strategy.

During this time, businesses need to be letting clients in on how they are responding to public health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic as it progresses.

This means:

  • Maintaining fluid contact and communication with the public about how your company is handling the challenge internally.
  • Communicating how prospects can prepare to work with you (service levels, operating hours, remote access provisions, and so on).
  • Promoting existing remote capabilities — such as eCommerce, online services, teleconferencing, and the like.

This is where support from a digital marketing agency can be especially valuable as they can help prepare and refine these messages and get them out quickly.

However, with all the business closures happening, negotiating support during this time may be that much more difficult.

Unlike many agencies that have an in-office model, our agency, Pulsion Marketing, is already based around a work-from-home model. This means speed and agility in preparing business communications as we already have the infrastructure in place.

Already we have customers counting on us to:

  • Prepare press releases.
  • Prepare social media releases.
  • Engage with prospects online about the situation.
  • Report on newsworthy announcements.
  • Promote eCommerce capabilities.
  • And more…

While the COVID-19 pandemic presents a challenge, this is your opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.

Stay on top of communications to provide business continuity let valued customers know that they can expect from you during this challenging time.

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