How Data Visualization Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Data visualization has a lot of helpful uses in business: evaluating sales goals, doing year-over-year comparisons, distilling large amounts of information into a graph quickly, and more. But did you know that it can also make a big difference to your digital marketing?

A lot of businesses that collect big data are sitting on goldmines of information.

MIT neuroscientists found that the brain can process visual content 30 times faster than it can process a word. HubSpot noted a 37% increase in engagement from targeted customers when an article is accompanied by compelling visual elements.

Consider the following for how to use data visualization in your digital marketing functions:

  1. Gain a Better Understanding of Your Customers

Use client demographic information to create a buyer persona and better identify where to find new leads online.

You can dive into social analytics to understand how people are finding your business, what lead magnets might work best, and even what time of day or day of the week is most effective to post on. Visualizing this data through charts, graphs, etc. makes it a lot easier to access these insights and numbers.

  1. Create Shareable Content

Infographics, whitepapers, and custom images make for popular social media shares. You could take the latest figures or survey data and turn it into an image. This can go beyond your own clients — it might be shared by others in the industry and help mark your business as an authority.

For best results, tailor your content towards your industry.

If you sell automation software, you might consider creating infographics that show how automation saves time.

If you are an insolvency company, perhaps create an infographic with stats from clients who have gotten out of debt — how much debt they were in, how long it took them to get solvent, the debt management option they chose, etc. (all while keeping confidentiality, of course).

If you are a mortgage broker, consider creating a graphic about what neighbourhoods in your area are the most popular, where people are buying, the types of homes that are selling, etc. You could also create a graphic about what a mortgage broker does and why you are the best choice compared to the competition, along with your sales stats.

  1. Make Your Website More Dynamic

Visuals can make your business website stand out all the more by breaking up text, creating interest, and showing statistics or data in fresh, new ways.

You might choose to illustrate a statistic with a funny image, like this one from Crazy Egg:

Or you could create a scatter map that shows where in the world your clients are located, if you have a wide target market.

Or publish visuals that show why your product or service is necessary, like The Pulitzer Centre’s Roads Kill map.

Similar to infographic design, use figures that are relevant to your business and your industry. This is a way to make your website stand out from the crowd, while also keeping users on your site.

  1. Impress Prospects Using Statistics

Storytelling with data is an effective way to hook and convert leads. You might be surprised at the amount of information you could use for this.

For instance, you might be using sales data in-house, like you converted 12 out of 15 new leads last month. This could be a great marketing stat for your content — just switch to it “80% of prospects choose our company or our product.”

Or perhaps you are doing customer research and find that your clients are predominantly millennials. You could flip that to a marketing statistic that shows your product’s popularity among that demographic.

If you send follow-up surveys to your current clients after a purchase and find that 90% of your clients are “extremely happy” with your services or products, you can use that, too.

Look for the ways that your offering improves life or business for your clients and use those figures in your marketing — it will have a powerful impact.

There are many examples of how you can incorporate data visualization into your digital marketing. What tends to stop most businesses from actually doing the graphic work is a lack of time or know-how. It can take both to create compelling visuals, but that shouldn’t stop you. If that’s the case, there are many solutions — including outsourcing the graphics.

For instance, at Pulsion Marketing we can turn your data into visual shares tat will take your social media marketing to the next level.

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