Now is the best month to redesign your website. Why? Read On.

If you’re looking into what you should change or this next year, your website should be a top priority.


Because all it takes for a visitor to form an opinion about your website is 50 milliseconds. This is the time you have to convince your potential buyer to stay and navigate.

A strong website is the cornerstone of an effective digital marketing strategy.

Website Revamp or Website Redesign?

If you’ve decided that you’re going to work on your current website, one question that you have to answer is if you want a website redesign or a website revamp.

Website revamp is a complete overhaul, while when it comes to redesign, you can still retain elements of your website and its functionalities.

A website redesign is a route you should take when you want to retain the functionalities of your website but need to update the look and feel.

What Are the Benefits of a Website Redesign?

There are quite a few advantages of redesigning your website. Some of the key ones are:

A strong website can help you in building your brand image and improving brand recognition.

I. As businesses are going digital, a strong online presence is critical. A well-designed website helps you tie different components of your 2021 marketing plan together – be it digital marketing, social media, or advertising campaigns.

II. It improves your conversion rates. Tweaks such as clearer navigation options, improved content that resonates with your audience, or relevant imagery can have a major impact on your conversions.

III. Enhance your search rankings and make your brand visible to your target audience. SEO is key in today’s world where searches are riddled with algorithms. Website redesign can help you enhance your on-page SEO and direct traffic to your website.

IV. It helps you leverage newer technologies. You have the option to move to a better content management system, improve the code, and fix issues that are impacting the site’s responsiveness. All this is important because even a 1 second delay in page responsiveness can result in a 7% reduction in conversion!

V. COVID-19 has shown us that e-commerce is integral to business success in most cases. A website redesign can be a great opportunity for you to add e-commerce capabilities to your online presence and ensure that even when brick-and-mortar stores close, you’re still able to reach your customers.

VI. As addressing AODA compliance issues are now mandatory, website redesign gives you an opportunity to examine and rectify any issues.

Website Redesign Strategy and Why is it Important?

While redesigning your website can deliver solid benefits, it is important to have a website redesign strategy in place to ensure that you are able to access all of these benefits.

Before you dive into a redesign activity, it is beneficial to go back to the drawing board and ascertain your buyer persona. Their needs, motivations, and requirements. This would help in not only creating a great customer-focused website but also a well-thought-out integrated marketing strategy.

So, when the objectives and goals are set, you’ll know exactly what you need from your website and will be able to create actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Now … it’s time to start rebuilding your website.

The process can seem daunting but if you have a website redesign expert like Pulsion Marketing, by your side, you can create the website you want, within the timeframe you have set, and within the website redesign cost you have in mind.

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