Digital Content Strategy: The Triple C Approach

A digital content strategy is the blueprint businesses use to achieve their growth marketing goals, which can include reaching new audiences, building credibility, and generating leads. Blog posts, social media campaigns, and email marketing are all powerful tools, but without a proper strategy or methodology you won’t enjoy much ROI.

Fortunately, a digital content strategy doesn’t have to complicated. The Triple C Approach—content, consistency, and cadence—is simply but effective.


In 2022, content will still be king. It is a brand’s digital online currency. Traditional metrics like SEO are still vital, but what’s changed is what consumers expect from brands’ content. Business can no longer afford to be faceless. Consumers want to know what brands stand for and represent; they want to know a brand’s story.

Humans are natural storytellers, hence why stories are twenty-two times more memorable than facts alone. Wrapping your brand’s message and statistics in a story detailing how a customer found success with your product, for example, is a compelling approach that will separate you from your competitors.


Once you have a strong grasp of the kind of content you want to deliver, it’s important to remain consistent. Without a steady online presence, you risk losing authority and credibility in the eyes of your audience, quickly making you less competitive. In fact, brands that are consistent with their content are 20 per cent more valuable than inconsistent brands.

It’s also important to thread the line between volume and over-saturation. Too much messaging and your audience will start to tune you out. Weekly, high-quality blog posts, for example, are an achievable goal that will help target new audiences and maintain current engagement.


The success of a digital content strategy can hinge upon its cadence, meaning the rhythm of a campaign. The order and timing of content rollout can mean the difference of whether the target audience clicks through or ignores. A strategic email campaign, for example, requires more thought than just clicking send whenever content is ready.

Not to be confused with consistency or frequency, the goal with cadence is to get the right content in front of the right person at the right time.

Understanding your target audience’s behaviour will require some experimentation and data tracking. For example, is your buyer persona more active in the morning or the afternoon? Knowing the time of a day your target audience is most likely to engage can increase conversion rate by over 40 per cent.

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