Engagement Strategy: Why Your Posts are Underperforming

Do you have great content that isn’t leading to more followers and engagement? You may need to re-evaluate your engagement strategy. Nearly half of bloggers identify getting traffic and attracting visitors as their biggest challenge. In a recent survey of over 500 marketers, nearly a quarter said creating engaging content was the biggest social media challenge heading into 2022. Two big mistakes include failing to optimize content for discoverability and not reaching out beyond owned presences.

Optimize to Capitalize

Great content on its own doesn’t drive traffic. Your blogs may be informative and well-written, but if they’re not optimized for SEO then all it’s all for naught.

One immediate strategy for optimizing SEO is to focus on long-tail keywords. If you perform keyword research for your topic, you will immediately see that head keywords of one or two words are generating the most traffic. However, these keywords tend to be very competitive and are dominated by the web’s largest sites.

Long-tail keywords contain three to five words, which is ideal because nearly 70 per cent of search queries contain four words or more. While a big player may account for the top spot in a search engine results page (SERP) based on one or keywords, long-tail keywords outrank shorter keywords by 3-6 percent for the highly coveted two to five SERP positions.

Be a Social Butterfly

Social media communities are in situated in an important stage of the marketing funnel and can be a great way to generate awareness and leads. More than 44 per cent of internet users research brands on social networks and about 71 per cent of customers will recommend a brand on social media after a positive experience.

But a big mistake digital marketers make with social media campaigns is only posting in owned presences. This is only exposes content to current followers. Posting in other social media communities will garner new attention and followers.

Online communities are more than just social media groups. Forums and message boards are great opportunities outside the typical social media platforms. Interestingly, more than three-quarters of users in online communities welcome brands participating in forums. However, brands can’t just enter with the hard sell; they must offer a real value to the community.

Engage with your followers and get involved in the conversations they’re having in other communities. Tagging followers and other communities is a great way to expand your network.

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