Truly Understanding the Buying Process to Acquire More While Reducing Your Cost of Acquisition [Free eBook]

How well do you understand your target customers?

In marketing terms, you should have several identifiable customers — a.k.a. buyer personas. These are various people whom you have identified as the demographic for your product or service.

But beyond that, each buyer persona may follow a different buying process. And this is where it can get tricky.

You need to not only cater to each buyer persona, but also to each buyer persona’s stage in the buying process!

Did you know that most visitors who come to your website aren’t actually ready to buy yet? This is because of their stage in the buying process. Companies often make the mistake of focusing their website and marketing towards those people who are ready to buy, but when they do that, they are missing out on a large portion of their target market.

  • 71% to 89% of buyers visit a company’s website to perform research.
  • 11% to 29% do so to establish buying criteria.
  • And a mere 0% to 18% visit a company website to evaluate vendors. This means that only 18% of web visitors (at most) are ready to buy.
  • Yet many businesses direct almost 100% of their efforts towards that 18%. You can see why this isn’t the best approach.

We’re breaking down the buying process and how to target the 82% of customers who aren’t ready to buy yet in our latest eBook, Truly Understanding the Buying Process to Acquire More While Reducing Your Cost of Acquisition.

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • The stages of the buying process.
  • How to vary calls to action.
  • How to craft content for each stage.
  • And more!

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