Geotargeting: The Magic Ingredient to the Most Coveted SEO Rankings

Every C-suite leader wants to see their organization reach those coveted top positions on Google and other search engines and with good reason. Securing those top positions organically greatly reduces your dependence on paid marketing. Where paid marketing shuts off when you shut it off, when you build strong organic rankings, you have staying power if you are on top of what the competition is doing and adjusting your campaigns accordingly.

SEO is something most leaders count on their marketing managers or other marketing resources internally to outsource. The results are generic campaigns that do not lead to ranking for those “primed for conversion” keywords. This is where geographic targeting comes in.

If you offer a product or service locally, geotargeted SEO should be part of your strategy.

Leads that come in through geotargeted pages usually have much more intent and are far likelier to convert. Certain products and services are purchased locally, period. 

That means when someone searches for that product or service, they are highly likely to type in their city/province with the product or service they are searching for.

The premise of geotargeted SEO is:

  • Target the most relevant and competitive keyword on the home page.
  • Establish optimized geotargeted pages with strong on page SEO factors – optimized for the same word as the home page only with the city name, for example, added. Example: home page “property title search,” geopages “property title search toronto” “property title search BC.”
  • Provide credible and relevant links through citations, guest blogs, driving traffic, linking other relevant pages to the optimized pages and other activities to promote not only the geotargeted pages to rank but also the home page.

We got a little bit into the weeds there but, at the leadership level, what may be relevant to you is we recently deployed this type of strategy for a technology company who saw 425% of their sales last month come from organic search. Check out our case studies to see other examples of the same types of results.

Over time you begin to dominate in top positions in different variations of your targeted keyword not only at the generic level, but also in those locations where you offer products and services. 

This is a sound strategy and much more effective than simple SEO targeted terms that represent products and/or services.

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