Give Buyers the B2B eCommerce Customer Journey They Crave

With so much economic uncertainty, now is the time to be proactive, not reactive. One way to make your company more competitive in 2023 is to optimize the B2B eCommerce customer journey.

Many B2B buyers want the same kind of digital experience they have with B2C. However, B2B vendors have been slow to adapt. For instance, many vendors still require would-be buyers to call them during business hours.

However, according to Gartner, 83 per cent of B2B buyers prefer ordering or paying through digital commerce. Moreover, only 24 per cent of B2B buyers who interacted primarily with a sales rep made a high-quality deal compared to 65 per cent of B2B buyers who self-navigated through the purchase process.

Here’s how to give your buyers the B2B eCommerce customer journey they crave.

A Self-Reflective B2B eCommerce Customer Journey

First, it’s important to emphasize this isn’t about digital vs in-person. Rather, the key to an effective B2B eCommerce customer journey is getting the two working together, like two horses pulling the same cart. Leveraging both will lead to more high-quality sales.

Ineffective customer learning often stands in the way of high-quality deals. Too many B2B vendors accept a “good enough” customer journey. From the digital perspective, the conversion path is too focused on a smooth journey toward sales, even if they’re misguided. Likewise, sales reps are too quick to move buyers toward a purchasing decision without a full understanding of their needs.

A B2B eCommerce customer journey that encourages self-reflective learning by integrating both digital and human-led channels will lead to higher-quality sales.

According to Gartner, a 17 per cent lift occurs in B2B customer confidence when sales reps effectively use technology to facilitate buying group decisions. Moreover, B2B customers are nearly 150 per cent more likely to spend more than originally planned after experiencing a self-reflective learning path.

Optimizing Your B2B eCommerce Customer Journey

Building a successful B2B eCommerce customer journey will require a multichannel strategy. This means not just cohesion between digital assets and sales reps, but also a collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

In order to optimize digital engagement, both sales and marketing will need to be on the same page regarding your buyer persona’s pain points. This will inform which digital sales tools you will lean on. It will also provide the blueprint for sales reps to ask probing questions to fully understand the buyer’s needs.

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