How to integrate Google Analytics into WordPress?

Google Analytics is an analytics platform that gives businesses an in-depth view of their website or app performance. It can integrate with Google’s marketing and advertising platforms, making it a popular tool for getting a comprehensive analytics report.

Businesses can integrate Google Analytics into their WordPress websites to track valuable metrics, including:

  • User session duration.
  • Website traffic, bounce rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, referrals, etc.
  • User demographics.
  • The campaigns that are generating the most website traffic.
  • And more.

Here’s how you can integrate Google Analytics into WordPress to start tracking your website performance.

  1. Sign up for a Google Analytics account.

The first step is to create a Google Analytics account. All you need is a Gmail account to sign up for Google Analytics for free.

  1. Connect your WordPress website.

When you create your Google Analytics account, you will be prompted to connect your website, app, or both. Select web to link your WordPress website. Enter your website’s name, URL, country, and time zone to build your profile.

  1. Install Google Analytics in WordPress

There are several ways to install Google Analytics in WordPress. The easiest method is to use MonsterInsights which is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. The free version gives you access to a Google Analytics dashboard specifically for WordPress. You can also pay for the premium version if you want eCommerce tracking, ads tracking, author tracking, etc.

  1. Start tracking your website metrics.

Now that MonstersInsights is set up, you can choose the settings you want and start tracking your website performance. You can view your Google Analytics reports and trends inside your WordPress dashboard. It gives you easy access to the data you need to gauge current campaign performance and make decisions about future initiatives.

If you need help integrating and analyzing your website performance with Google Analytics, contact us for help today.